Welcome friend! 

I'm Samantha, the photographer and educator behind Elah Tree. Here we share everyday photo tips for the everyday you. We capture moments, build dreams, talk business, and create the pretties pictures for your business, blog, shop, and home!

Every dream starts somewhere; whether you want to open an Etsy shop, run your own lifestyle blog, or serve others through your small business. My dream as a creative started very similar to that. I started with an Etsy shop, ran a lifestyle blog, and now I’m here to serve you through small business. I know where you’ve been and I’m dreaming big dreams for where you are going!


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I’m with you... to the end of the line.

We all have our own story to share. Here is a bit of mine: I'm deeply passionate about loving on others, covering them in grace and encouraging them in all their hearts desires. My journey as a creative started in photography and photography has continued to be foundational in my creative process. Over the years as my aspirations developed I knew that I wanted to continue to tell stories visually through photography, but I also wanted to meet people right where they were and help them create the photos they have always wanted; while providing tips, resources, and business opportunities to get their dreams off the ground. 


A few of my favorite things...
- Jesus!
- The Midwest  
- All the animals
- Movies... Pride and Prejudice, The Bourne Trilogy, and many more.
- Organizing all the things.
- TV shows ... The Gilmore Girls, The Office, and Downton Abbey
- Fitness ... hiking, biking, kayaking, and strength training.
- Dark chocolate ... and cookies... and doughnuts... and cake... and...


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