Are you busy? Feeling a little overwhelmed? Wishing you could create something beautiful for your brand this season? Well, I'm so glad you're here because I have a gift for you. A gift to help reduce overwhelm and create that something beautiful for your brand.

I have 4 Easter inspired stock photos just for you! No need to clear your schedule to do a photoshoot, no pressure to sacrifice time with your family. You can create something beautiful this season with a few easy clicks. 


  • Share your Easter photos on Instagram for the holiday.
  • Use them for your upcoming Easter blog posts.
  • Impress your customer's in your next newsletter.
  • Promote a holiday sale or promotion. 
  • Create a beautiful, engaging freebie to build your email list.
  • Create an Easter banner on Facebook. 
  • Highlight your newest product.

Download your FREE Easter stock photos below!


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Do you ever find yourself sprinting from day to day? You're trying to get the most important things done and the little, mundane things, get pushed to the side? We push aside the things that we know can wait, even though we do need to do them eventually. The next thing we know we're feeling behind like we can't catch our breath.... like our to-do lists are a million miles long.

That's what I did last year. I had all these dreams and goals I was excited about. So I was focused on the big things and pushedoff the little things. I was feeling it and I knew I couldn't keep going in that same direction because I was feeling overwhelmed. So, at the end of the summer, I planned a week of maintenance in my business, where I could focus on all the little things I was putting off. I didn't do any photo shoots, I didn't do any editing, I didn't do any blog posts. For a whole week, I just worked on the little things.

Fast forward a few months and I stumbled unto the best idea to replace my current system, which I wouldn't say was working the best, haha! I definitely wanted something that helped me to feel less overwhelmed and more put together in my business all year long, not just for a week. Ashlyn has "duty" day, my equivalent of maintenance, but she does her's once a month. Absolutely brilliant! I don't know why I didn't think to try to tackle these things once a month. Instead of running around for months on end. 


Ready to reduce overwhelm and start maintaining the little things in your business every month? Download your FREE checklist! 



Once you've downloaded your maintenance day checklist, I recommended you block out a day on your calendar. It's so easy to let things build up, but if you block out time on your calendar now, you'll be ready. I usually pick one Friday a month, because Friday's are sometimes a catch-up day for me. If I add it to my calendar, I know it's there and I can't fill up my calendar to the brim and not have time for it.

Don't stress about adding a maintenance day to every month for the rest of the year. During your first maintenance day, take a look at your calendar and schedule your next maintenance day for the following month. Remember having a maintenance day is meant to reduce overwhelm so keep things simple and fun! You can even pick up your favorite Starbucks drink before you get started. I actually love having a maintenance day because I'm able to review the business systems and things I've been putting off and it's like starting fresh every month. 


You'll notice on your checklist that I left spaces for you to fill in for yourself. We all have different needs and priorities so remember to add items to your checklist that are unique to you. This could be scheduling a haircut, scheduling time for self-care, or making a nail appointment. Your maintenance day is meant to help you do life and business better. Having a maintenance day also means you don't have to be distracted by the smaller things when you're trying to accomplish bigger things throughout the month. And you don't have to feel stressed out wondering when you're going to get to certain things because you'll know you have a maintenance day on your calendar.  

Having a maintenance day every month, instead of once a year has definitely helped me stay on track with my business, reduce distractions, and helped me feel less overwhelmed. I always get excited when I see my maintenance day coming up because I love how it sets me up for the following month. What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized in your business? Share below! xoxo! Samantha



Instagram is a great platform to grow and connect with our communities. We can share our lives, give prospective clients a look at the type of work we do and we can promote our products and grow our email lists. The tricky thing about Instagram is that it takes time and if you're anything like me, you are sometimes left wondering what you should be sharing. I'm that person who will stare at their phone for minutes on end wondering what to share. Words are not my strong suit and without a prompt or plan, I struggle.  It seems like it should be simple, but often times it's not. 

Have you ever been there too? If so, don't you worry, I have a plan for you. 

But, we don't have to stay in that same place... that place where we're staring at our screens. ;)  We can make a plan, take action, and start using Instagram so that it works for us and our businesses. I have put together one whole month (30 days, woot, woot!) of Instagram content so you'll always be ready with something to share on instagram!  



Now that you have your calendar, let's talk about some content that will really give you traction moving forward. 


People love and are drawn to a good story. I think often times we discount our own personal stories, but that is exactly what people are drawn too. From where you are from, how you grew up, how you built your business, to your favorite drink. We all want to connect with each other and it's through the little things that we find common ground. For instance, I'm from the mid-west and I LOVE the mid-west. If I find out that you are from the mid-west I am going to feel instantly connected to you. 

Don't forget to weave together your story with your brand story. Your brand story is just as important as your personal story because your brand story will help your audience know that they can't live without your product. ;) If you're wondering how to create a magnetic brand story, I highly recommend Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. 


Sharing behind the scenes helps to ground our connection with our audience. Most feeds are full of beautiful imagery which is wonderful. A behind the scenes photo can be beautiful as well, but it also continues to connect us with our audience because they are able to view our process. Behind the scenes are perfect for letting our audience know that we are just like them too. 


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A perfect way to build trust with your customers is to share a testimonial. It lets them know that others are loving your products, you stand behind what you sell and it takes them a step closer to wanting to make a purchase too. You can share a photo of your product, whether it's a physical product, digital product, or service and pair it with a testimonial. In just a few easy steps you've got yourself a social proof.


One of the best ways you can connect with your customers and audience is through an act of service. Use Instagram to share some of your favorite resources. This could be a something you've recently learned, a quick tip you just picked up, your favorite life hack, your most used app, or your favorite planner. You can even start by making a list of some of your favorite resources and have them ready so you're never without something to post.


In the same vein as serving your audience, we can also thank our followers and offer them a freebie. Freebies are perfect because it's a special way to say thank you, but it's also great because it gives our customers an opportunity to test our products or services. It increases their trust with us and helps them to know that we're here to help them thrive in their lives and their businesses. 

Sometimes Instagram can be overwhelming and frustrating, but with a few easy steps, we can create an action plan to make sure Instagram is really benefiting our business. Are there certain things that you love sharing on Instagram? Share them below! I'm always looking for inspiration too. ;) xoxo! Samantha



Last week I shared how you could whip up a super easy opt-in page in Squarespace. Opt-in pages are perfect for building your email list and email lists are perfect for growing your business. This week I wanted to share how you can utilize your FREE stock photos to continue to build your email list around your opt-in page all while creating a beautiful online business. 


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If there is one thing we can all attest too is that often times there just isn't enough time in the day to do all the things. Whether it's in life or business, we don't have enough time or brain power to do everything that life often throws our way. The great thing about using styled stock photos is that it gives us back time. You can save time and look amazing when using styled stock photos. 

So, let's get to it. Here are 10 ways to use your styled stock photos.

1 | Create a pop-up or opt-in page to grow your email list. Find out how to create a super easy opt-in page here

2 | Refresh your website with a hero image or a wall-to-wall banner. You'll knock the socks off all the new traffic landing on your site.  


3 | Create stunning blog posts images, perfect for Pinterest too. Remember that teachable content is ideal for getting people on your email list. The image is going to draw them in and you're going to hook them with your amazing content. 


4 | Refresh old content by updating your blog post with a new pin-worthy image. Creating vertical images is ideal for Pinterest as they draw the eye and are more clickable. Often times some of our oldest content is driving a majority of our traffic. Refreshing that content will create a lasting impression for your new audience. 


5 | Add multiple places for new traffic to sign up for your email list including your blog sidebar with a beautiful sidebar image. 


6 | Create an eye-catching header image for your newsletter. Now that you've worked hard on creating your opt-in page, refreshing your website, and adding multiple places for new people to sign up for your email list, you can now create a stunning newsletter. 


With your email list in place, you can focus on; 

7 | Announcing your next big sale or an upcoming holiday promotion. This is perfect for Instagram and Facebook too.


8 | Add your designs, ebook, or service product for a beautiful mockup. Ideal for showing your customers how your products will serve them.

9 | Tee up your next few Instagram posts with Later. There's nothing better than saving time and looking amazing while you're at it. 

10 | Being able to serve your audience in more ways then one way is perfect for building brand trust. Share your favorite resources or podcast on Instagram to help serve your audience.


BONUS: Bring your customer's experience full circle and refresh all your social sites; Facebook, Twitter, any platform you can think of with a new banner image. 

Adding styled stock photos to your brand is the perfect way to save time and looking amazing! Share how you are using your styled stock photos and tag us with #elahtree. xoxo! Samantha