You know you've found your tribe when...

If the majority of your blog career has been spent alone (no other bloggers live in your town) and then you find your self spending a weekend with other bloggers and photographers... you finally feel like you've found your tribe. 

There's nothing like spending time with a group of others who completely understand what you're doing and why you're doing it. They know why you're pulling out your camera. They know why you're taking a photo from five different angles. They know why you keep staring up at the sky... I look at the sky a lot, haha! They understand why you've spend a whole hour in one place just taking pictures. 

Conversations about the best lighting are normal. Conversations about where to sit are normal. Asking to move a drink, shift just a little to the left, look a little to the right are normal. Asking someone to sit tight or hold that pose for just a bit longer... it's all normal. I just love that. 

Those moments, were these moment at Loyal Coffee and it's a perfect opportunity to take a peak behind the scenes. I love the two pictures just below. Meg snapped a picture of me taking a picture of Beth's drink and you can see the "after" photo just below of Beth's drink.

What I loved most about these moments was watching how everyone's creativity unfolded. Seeing how each person viewed an experience and seeing how they chose to capture that moment through their lens. For the most part, I shoot rather methodically. I think through what the light is doing, I look around at backgrounds, distractions, people, and composition. I'll actually hold my camera up to my face and see my surroundings through my lens. Not all moments I capture are like this, sometimes I simply see the moment, like this one. But a lot of the time is methodical. 

One thing I loved watching, was Beth. Beth see's people and moments and captures them unabashedly. She'll view one moment and capture it 5 different ways. This was so inspiring to me, it challenged and encouraged me as a photographer. It helped me to see things differently through my lens. 

Look at that photo below... that might be my thinking face, haha! One thing I love about this collection of photos is that you get to see what it looks like behind the camera. In one of the photos below, I was snapping pictures of Beth and Meg was trying to sneak through behind. You can totally see her trying to get by. I love the photos below of MegBeth did an amazing job capturing great lifestyle photos.  

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Moments like this weekend are important and necessary. Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” This really makes you think doesn't it? Who are those five people in your life? How is the time your spending with them effecting who you are? If I could spend time with these friends all the time I would and I definiltey believe it would change the way I grow and how my business grows, but I'll take what I can get. ;) xoxo. Samanth

Photo Credits: Elah Tree || Oak + Oats || A Love Photography || Rivers + Roads