I used to think I needed every piece of photography gear I could get my hands on. I would read about the gear that other photographers were using and I thought I needed those things too. Never in a million years did I think I would have as much photography gear as I have now. Just recently I was thinking about what I have and use. When compared to others it may not seem like that much, but yet to someone else it may seem like a ton. Two different camera bodies, three different lenses, and an array of camera accessories. Not to mention the vintage cameras I seem to always be collecting, haha! 

But here's the thing, at heart, I'm a minimalist photographer. I don't like to tote around tons of gear. I don't want five different lenses hanging of my body. I like to keep things simple. When I was in Colorado I packed my LowePro photo hatchback and tried to keep things simple. I took my two camera bodies, with two lenses attached. I opted to leave my gorillapod at home, and I only took a few accessories. If It didn't fit in my bag I wasn't going to take it. 

I get easily bogged down if I'm caring too much gear, and you know what the great thing is? I rarely ever need more then I have. I'm able to capture amazing photos with my D700 paired with my 50mm lens; between portraits and landscapes, I'm pretty much covered. :) The 50mm is so versatile, it's one of my favorite lenses. 

You don't need every piece of gear under the sun to take amazing photos. You simply have to start where you are, with a passion for light, and a heart for story. xoxo. Samantha