We're back with another quick tip Tuesday! One type of photograph I have always wanted to capture was one like you see above. I would see others capture beautiful photos with amazing reflections and for some reason I just never figured out how those types of photos actually happened. I actually look this same photo last year, however it did not look like this. The first time I took this photo I used the same techniques I used when shooting portraits and it just didn't work.

Most mornings we drive by this view. One morning I decided the next time I drove by I would have my camera. So there I was camera in hand, blue cloudy skies, and beautiful Fall colors. Within about 10 minutes I had a handful of beautiful Fall photos with the reflection I had always wanted. 


The following day Tyler and I drove by again, but there was no reflection. My brain just didn't connect why I could't see the reflection, so I asked Tyler, "why isn't there a reflection?" He replied, "the water isn't still, for you to be able to see the reflection the water has to be still." And that's when it all clicked. There were too many ripples in the water for me to see the reflection. 

Are there other factors that go into taking a great photo with a reflection?... absolutely. But the main factor of actually seeing and capturing that reflection is the stillness of the water. 

Every time we pass by this view I look to see if I can see the reflection. Sometimes the water is still and the reflection is crisp and clear. Other times there are ripples in the water and I look to see if I can see the reflection through the ripples. xoxo. Samantha