I was looking through photos from my Colorado trip and there are some many things that I love; hanging out with friends, the Colorado mountains, and many more. But as I flipped through photos I saw many photos that I see as my creative weaknesses. These aren't weakness that I cringe over and they aren't weaknesses that even create poor photos. But they are weakness in the aspect that it took me far longer to strengthen them. For example, my landscape photos or my architectural photos fall on my weak side. 

I have had to work harder and be comfortable in knowing that those areas in my photography journey are weaker for me and take longer for me to get better at. It doesn't mean I take horrible photos, it doesn't mean I'm a bad photographer, it simple means I have to try harder. I have to recognize that those areas in my photography journey will take more work. and if I want to become stronger in those areas I have to practice. 

I love this concept of embracing our weakness because we can embrace it in all areas of our life. I used to shy away from my weakness, thinking they were a character default. I thought to myself, "I don't do that well or I'm weak in that area, I must not be good at that many things." I thought my weakness in certain areas meant I was weak in all areas and I was often insecure about it. It took me a lot of years to separate my overall value from my weakness and learn that weaknesses really weren't weaknesses at all. I learned that if there was an area that I was weak in, it simply meant I had to work harder. Not everything I tried was going to come easy and if I wanted something, regardless of my strengthens or weaknesses, I was simply going to have to pull myself up by my boot straps, embrace the things that were hard and continue to do them until I was better. 

Have you heard the phrase, "be bad until you're good, be good until you're great." I love this phrase because it reminds me to embrace my creative weakness. If I'm bad at something I can keep going until I'm good, and if I continue to press on, I can be good until I'm great. What do you feel like your creative weaknesses are? What are somethings you can do to strengthen those skills? xoxo. Samantha