A sure-fire way to grow and learn is to spend time with other creatives... and also step in front of the camera. ;) Amy of A Love Photography spearheaded our mountain photo shoot. She dreamed up the loveliest idea to put us all in flowing dresses and photograph us in front of beautiful Colorado mountains. Best idea ever, if you ask me. I couldn't wait to jump in and snap photos of everyone. 

What I loved most about this experience and the experience of the whole weekend was how much I learned. Learning in experiences like these isn't like studying a book or scrolling through tips online, it's about being present and observing how and why others execute their craft. 


My default photo face is a serious face. I'm most comfortable in front of the camera with a serious face, for some reason it comes more naturally. Beth, however, has the best laughing photos. She makes laughing and smiling look easy, but there's an art to it, just like a good serious face. The best way to learn the art of each of these styles of posing is simply to ask. I asked Beth if she could teach me her laughing pose. The great thing about having someone teach you verses simply trying to figure it out is that they are able to explain all the small details that make the photo work. 


When we did this mountain inspired shoot Amy directed each of us as we stood in front of her camera. While she was directing Beth and Meg, I was actively listening to how she talked through each session, the types of tips she gave her subjects, and how she wanted them to pose. Our styles are different, but actively listening to  how another photographer directs can teach us and inspire us in our own work. 


I loved observing Beth during photo shoots and any time we were actively taking photos. Beth definitely inspired me to think differently about my photos.  The way she executes taking photos feels so much more fluid then my execution. Simply observing another photographer as they work and being able to view their work throughout the process will really inspire you too see things differently and encourage you to stretch yourself as a photographer.   

I absolutely love spending time with other bloggers and photographers. It's the best feeling hanging with with a bunch of lovely people who just get you. What are some ways you actively learn from others? xoxo. Samantha

Photo Credit: A Love Photography