Can you believe we just wrapped up 2016? I feel like 2016 just started... 2017 can't be hear already, can it? For the last two weeks Tyler and I have been on holiday. I feel super cool when I say we're on holiday, we're visiting friends a family, but we're totally on holiday. ;) 

To wrap up 2016 I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of my recent work and share some session breakdowns. How and why I did each shoot, details I included... all the little things that bring each shoot together. 


I just recently started working with Oak+Oats, with just two mini sessions complete, but they were super fun. I have just started creating material for the Oak+Oats shop and social platforms. Oak+Oats is actually a perfect example for those that are starting out in brand photography, but are wanting to get their foot in the door. I have known Oak+Oaks (Beth) for years. When she opened her shop I did a handful of photos of one of her planters. Shortly after I shared the photos with her, she asked me if I would like to continue creating photography collateral for her shop. We chatted a little bit about what I could offer and a new partnership was formed. 

I am over the moon excited to continue to work with Oak+Oats and create imagery that is cohesive with her brand. One of the sessions I completed was a mini Christmas session. It was really fun and I did it on a whim. It was a perfect working experience for Oak+Oats and I because we were able to chat about her overall wants for her shop aesthetic. We created a mood board via Pinterest that I can reference when create imagery that is in line with her brand and wants. 

One thing I always try to do when creating any type of photo is to add depth by creating layers. Take a look at both photos below. In the first photo I created depth by overlapping layers flatlay style. I layered a blanket scarf over a blanket, then I added more layers with the magazine, then I continued the layers with the wrapped package and tea. 


In the Fall I had the opportunity to work with Panera Bread and create at scale photography collateral. Do you want to know a secret? Nearly every session I do, I am always nervous. Being nervous is a good thing. We're nervous because we want to do a good job. If you are ever nervous before, during, or after a photo shoot take comfort in knowing the rest of us are nervous too. :)

Details were important when doing this particular shoot. Because it was Fall I was specific in picking out Fall outfits. I also made sure to take care of our hands. The food would be the main subject of every photo and I knew our hands would be a part of that too. I gave myself a manicure, which is not like me, haha! But Brand Photography is not about me, it's about the client and I knew well manicured hands would make a difference. I was very specific about the color in which I picked for my nails. I didn't want the color I picked to clash with the Panera brand colors, so I picked "French Manicure, " as my color and it would perfectly. 

One thing that was difficult about this shoot was the lighting. We shot around the golden hour, however it was overcast. Because there was a lot of green reflected in the grass and in the trees I had to do a lot of work in post to bring out warm colors. 

Pro Tip: Lay out a black blanket just in front of your subject but outside of the frame. This will keep any green from reflecting up onto your subject. I totally forgot this trick, haha! But just because I forgot doesn't mean you have to. :) 

Cheers to 2016 friends! I can't wait for what 2017 has in store. xoxo! Samantha 

STYLE DETAILS: White Puffer Vests (her, similar) || Grey Puffer Vest (him, similar) || AE Boyfriend Flannel (her, similar) || AE Mens' Flannel (similar) || AE Skinnies (her, similar) || Gray Booties (her, similar) || Brown Leather Boots (him, similar