I recently had a conversation with friends about how I have TV shows play in the background while I work, but if I have to write any kind of content then I can't have a TV show on, so I switch to music. I'm listening to the Moana soundtrack as I write this... a little peak into my workflow. ;)

As a brand photographer I'm always looking for fun, new props. As someone who lives on a budget I'm also looking for props that are cost effective... anyone else out there with me? :) My prop collection has been a slow process. One reason is because I'm a minimalist. Even though I need props to do my job, we live in a tiny little apartment, having closets full of props isn't always an option, ha! I've learned that I have to be smart with my props; they have to store easily and sometimes they have to go with the decor of my house so they can be decorative, haha! We all do what we have to do, right? ;) But seriously, my hope is that you can make your photography work around your life and your business. Y'all, we work with what we've got. :) 

Today I've compiled a list of some of my favorite props, all pretty cost effective and super cute! Click through each to purchase yours!  

MINI SUCCULENT PLANTER: I've recently started working with Oak+Oats to create content for her new shop. Guys, these little planters are perfect for props. They are super modern, a great price and I love there size. They are absolutely perfect for styling photos. 

GOLD PAPER CLIPS: All day, every day, amiright? We can never get enough gold paper clips. They are super cheap and perfect for styling "office" photos. 

WHITE KRAFT PAPER: I started purchasing different types of kraft paper because they are perfect for sweeps. If you are looking to create a seamless backdrop you can create sweeps with any type of paper or poster board. It just has to be a large enough surface for your photo. 

FAUX PEONYS: I started purchasing faux flowers when I wanted to include flowers in my blog photos, but couldn't pick up fresh flowers every week... or day, haha! If you're working with a client and you specifically need fresh flowers, by all means, pick up fresh flowers. But you don't need fresh flowers for every photo you take, especially if you're just getting started. Faux peonys are my favorite and you can see them all through out my work. 

MARBLE ADHESIVE: The marble adhesive hack, seriously guys, this is my favorite hack. It's so cheap, you can attach it to a poster board and you are good to go. 

VINTAGE CAMERA: As a photographer I love including vintage cameras in my work. I think it's super fun. Most of my vintage cameras came from friends or family that find them at auctions or for free, ha! Tyler brought home my last vintage camera from work... someone was giving it away for free. Check your local thrift shops and keep your eye out for old cameras, there out there. :) 

MINI INTAX: I definitely think the mini intax is trending in the photography prop world, but hey, I'm on the band wagon, so why not. The intax is super fun, adds a bit of whimsy to my photos, plus now I can take polaroids.  

One thing I really try to take advantage of when doing brand and styled photos is to use every day items from my home. I use vintage books, mugs, watches, bags, anything. Use what you have, learn as you grow, and keep pressing forward. You've got this! xoxo. Samantha