Hi friends! We're back for another Q&A session. I really love these, they have been so fun! A recent question from a reader was about photography websites. Does she need one? Do you need one? Let's get to it. :) 

Q: Do you find it necessary to have a website? That's something I don't have yet but have been wondering about getting. 
A: For me, having a website was fundamental, but that is because my entire business runs online and there are many facets of my business; blog, portfolio, studio offerings, resources, R+F, etc.
I have known some photographers that run their business through their Facebook page and it worked perfectly for them. They create albums to showcase their work and connect with their audience through their Facebook page. 
My advice is to create something that works best for you and that you think will work for your clients. Think about what your long term goals are and where you think your audience will come from. A majority of my traffic comes through Pinterest and all that traffic is driven to my website. I know some creatives that were blogging to grow their audience, but then Instagram became their powerhouse so they were able to switch over. It's all about determining your own needs and adapting as things change in the online world. 
One thing that I think has really changed from when I first started my photography journey is that so many photographers are now offering more then just photography services. They are offering online courses, or products, or mentorship programs. The online world and what people offer has greatly diversified. I think that is why its' so important to understand what your long term goals are and also figuring out what your audience hangs out.

What are your thoughts? Has your website been working for you? Has Facebook been your powerhouse? Has instagram been your powerhouse? Let's keep the conversation going! xoxo! Samantha

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