I'm back with round two of this years Gift Guide for Photographers, but today is all about the fellas. I kept thinking about Tyler when I was making this one, but Tyler is such a minimalist is was tough, haha! I added a few of his favorite things and compiled a list that I thought would be perfect for your favorite photo guy. 

GORILLA POD: Whenever Tyler and I are out and we need to take photos of the two of us together, but we're alone, Tyler is usually responsible for finding a place to set the camera so we can set the timer, it can be rather tricky at times, haha! The Gorilla pod is perfect if your favorite guy finds himself doing the same thing. :) 

DOLLY SKATER: I saw this dolly skater and thought it was so fun! Perfect for the techy photographer! 

INSULATED GLOMITS: Tyler and I both love gomits and they are perfect whenever we're out shooting. They keep our hands and fingers nice and cozy and when we need to take photos we pull off the mitten part. 

ANSEL ADAMS IN THE NATIONAL PARKS: Talk about being inspired, right? Ansel Adams is a phenomenal photographer and this book is full of all of his adventures in the National Parks. 

PATAGONIA TRUCKER HAT: Tyler has a Patagonia Trucker hat and it is one of his favorite hats. This hat is perfect for the adventure photographer. 

BUCK CAMP FANNEL: We could all use more flannels, right? I love this brand of flannels because they are made specifically for hunters. A good slide flannel, for your good solid guy. ;) 

Happy Shopping! xoxo! Samantha