Before Tyler and I moved to the East Coast we started researching all the lovely places we could go. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure that Tyler stumbled onto to Mystic during our research and reminded me of the movie Mystic Pizza. From that moment I knew we just had to go. The first time we headed to Mystic was when Meg visited. We had no idea what to expect, except for the fact that we would be eating at Mystic Pizza. After that visit, it turned out to be one of our favorite places. Often times when we chat about taking a day trip or a weekend away we think of Mystic, and that is where we headed for Tyler's birthday this year.

Mystic is a small little seaport town, full of charm and small town appeal. If you're looking for something big city, Mystic probably isn't for you. But if you love a small town feel Mystic will be right up your alley. 


Downtown Mystic is always our first stop... that is where Mystic Pizza is. Mystic is only about 2 hours away, so we usually plan to make it there by lunch and eat. Of course the pizza is good, but the fried pickles are my favorite and we've ordered them both times we were there. When ordering pizza we would highly recommend the house special. After Mystic Pizza, you can head to Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Cafe. The cafe sits right at the drawbridge and you can walk out onto the side deck and look out over the water.


Because Mystic is small it's quite easy to get around, something Tyler and I both appreciate. Mystic Aquarium is only about 10 minutes from downtown Mystic. Our visit to the aquarium was just a few weeks ago, so there was plenty of snow still on the ground and I'm assuming because it was cold the aquarium wasn't to busy, which was nice. It was lovely experiencing the aquarium in the winter with snow and it's easy to see and experience all the marine life.


I couldn't tell you why the town is spelled Mystic and the village is spelled Mistick, but it's lovely either way. Remember when I said that things are really close together? Well, Mistick Village is within walking distance of the aquarium. After our aquarium visit we asked someone in the gift shop where Mistick Village was and to our surprise it was right across the street. We loved experiencing the village in winter because it was rather quiet. The village is full of lots of different shops; toy shops, a Christmas shop, a honey shop, a chocolate shop and many more. It reminded us a little bit of Silver Dollar City (any mid-westerners out there know Silver Dollar City?)  The chocolate shop was one of our first stops... because I want to eat all the chocolate. ;)

Friends, there is totally way more things to do in Mystic, but we've only ever visited during winter months. Every time we are there we see something else we want to check out and experience. I sure hope I'll have another travel guide full of summer experience too. Have you ever been to Mystic? Where are some of your favorite places to visit on the East Coast? xoxo. Samantha