Last year, in late summer or early fall, I can't remember, ha! My friend, Sarah, got me into essential oils. She was sharing with me a bunch of recipes that she had printed off and I asked her if she would do the same for me. From the list of recipes one of the first things we made was lib balm, which was super fun and easy. 

Sarah makes everything super fun and easy because her house is like a craft carnival and she always has everything you need. Then, Sarah gave me an oil diffuser, which we have been loving. And then... a few weeks ago, Sarah asked me if I wanted to make some men's cologne while hanging out at her house. Guys, I love making things, so of course, I said yes! If I ever go to your house ask me to make a craft, I'll most likely be all in. 

I loved the idea of making this men's cologne because Tyler doesn't ever wear cologne. I don't think I've ever actually smelled him with cologne on. He's not really a cologne guy. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to make this cologne and see if Tyler would like it since it's all natural! 


{recipe from Dr. Axe's Essential Oil DIY Guide}

  • 5 drops cedarwood essential oil

  • 3 drops bergamot essential oil

  • 2 drops sandalwood essential oil

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Glass roll on tube or spray bottle

This is super easy. Add the cedarwood oil, the bergamot oil, and the sandalwood oil to the glass tube. Fill remaining tube with rubbing alcohol. Done and done! :) For added cutest apply a label of your choice. *Sarah totally made this label for me. Her handwriting is way cuter then mine. ;)

I really love this men's cologne! It seriously smells like a wood shop and I love the idea of Tyler smelling like a wood shop, ha! Guys, I am having so much fun with these essential oils and I'm hoping to share a few more recipes! What are some of your favorite essential  oil recipes? I would love to try them. xoxo. Samantha