I love DIYs that I can make on a whim. I'm always inspired by projects that are quick and easy, ha! It may be the minimalist in me. ;) I have recently been inspired by textured backdrops. What I love about textured backdrops is that you can make nearly anything a textured backdrop; fabric, crinkled paper... I've even seen people use old cookie sheets. The options can be endless.

For the most part I'm partial to light airy photos that require white or light colored backdrops. But, variety is key, right? ;) Plus, I'm always looking for fun and different ways to create different colored backdrops and I'm usually hoping for ideas that are cheap. For this particular DIY I wanted to use items I already had on hand and I knew I could use one of the foam core boards I already had.


Guys, this DIY is so easy! All you'll need is; a foam core board, paint, and a paint brush or other textured items for painting. For my backdrop I went with a black foam core board and a linen paint color. Before I got started I shared with Tyler my idea and asked him for some suggestions. I knew I wanted to use paint, but I wasn't sure of the best type of brush. Tyler suggested a feather brush and also gave me some different sponges to try.

Before I started painting I did some practice strokes on the back of my foam core board to determine the stroke and the amount of paint I needed. Once I was comfortable with the paint and the brush I started adding paint to the front of my board. The process is quick and easy. The less paint on my brush the better because it gave me a more subtle paint line. And before I finished I added a few more strokes in the opposite direction.  

I really love how easy this DIY came together and I love that I was able to use items I already had on hand. What are some of your favorite DIY photo backdrops?

Looking for more photo tips and inspiration? Hop of here! xoxo! Samantha