... Or is it? ha! Last weekend was the first weekend that I dawned a pair of shorts and I was over the moon. We had a beautiful sunny weekend with high's in the 60ºs and it was so nice. I was sure that Spring had arrived and I was looking forward to more days of shorts. But yesterday marked the first day of Spring and it was so cold. I had already put away my winter boots, but I still had to pull out my winter coat. It may be Spring, but Winter seems to be holding on for just a few more days.  

I was determined to celebrate Spring with some flair so even though it was a bit chilly I pulled out some shorts and Tyler and I headed out for a Spring inspired shoot.  I knew that it would be cold, so I brought along a blanket as well. Spring layers took on a whole new meaning with a blanket, haha! I had so much fun in my classic Captain America tee. Are you a Captain fan? I just love that line, "I'm with you till the end of line." 

Guys, I'm so excited to celebrate Spring with you! Today, I'm hosting a giveaway on instagram giving you the opportunity to win a tee from Jordandene! If you're not following on instagram now is the time, be on the look out for when the giveaway pops up!  How are you celebrating Spring? xoxo. Samantha