One thing I've been trying to work towards is developing my brand style and then creating consistency around that style. It's been quite harder then I hoped, but it has forced me to really think about the style that I want to create and the feeling and mood behind that style. Included in defining that style has been building and creating new photo backdrops. As of late, I've made this one and this one. I knew that I wanted consistency in style but variety too.

A few weeks ago Tyler and I were at a tool consignment shop picking up a table saw, while we were there I spotted an old pallet. Guys, I am always on the look out for old pallets. Old pallets mean free and usable wood. Pallets are the budget diyers best friend, ha! I knew that the next photo backdrop I wanted to create was a rustic wood backdrop and this old pallet was my ticket. Creating photo backdrops with pallet wood is pretty easy, you just need a little muscle and a little patience. ;)


  • Old pallet
  • Circular saw
  • Hammer
  • Mallet
  • Drill
  • Screws


STEP ONE : If you're familiar with pallets, you'll know that the base of the pallet is made up of three parallel 2x4s that secure the pallet. The first step in building anything with pallet wood is disabling the pallet. I had two options. I could dismantle the whole pallet with a hammer and mallet. Or I could use the circular saw to remove the two end pieces and only have to dismantle the center 2x4 with the hammer and mallet.  I chose the second option. Using a straight edge and pencil mark a line for where you will make your cut. Use your circular saw to cut along your marked edge. Repeat this step on the other side of the pallet. When your finished with this step you should have one remaining 2x4 in the center of the pallet.

STEP TWO : This step takes the most muscle and patience. ;) Using your hammer and mallet gently pry away the remaining 2x4 from the pallet wood. This must be done gently so that you don't crack or break any of the wood. We tried lots of different techniques when removing the wood. We pried the wood away with the hammer. We used the mallet to loosen the wood and nails. We even stood on the wood and used our body weight. Any technique will work as long as your wood doesn't.

STEP THREE : Once all your wood is free you can begin building. For my backdrop I decided to use the back side of the pallet wood because it was more rustic and had more character. We laid the pieces out to ensure we liked the design, then flipped the boards over. We used spare wood pieces and other pallet pieces to secure the backdrop together. Using your drill and screws attach the boards on the back. The most important part of this step is simply to make sure the boards on the back span your backdrop so each piece is secure.

Once you're finished you can can use your backdrop for all types of things. You can use it for lay flat photography or stand it on it's side and use it as a background. Next up, I'll be working on a white washed backdrop, woot! I can't wait! Have you made any wood photo backdrops? I would love to see them! xoxo! Samantha