This past fall I did my very first periscope and it looks like it was my last, because I haven't done another since, ha! My periscope was a tour of our tiny house. It was really fun and I loved getting to share our small space with all of you. At the end of my periscope I did a small Q&A. One of the questions y'all asked me was how we downsized to our tiny house. 

At the time the questioned stumped me and I could only think of how we currently manage living in our tiny house.  I thought back on our experience and I wondered, "how did we do it?" How did we go from living in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment, to living in 325squ. ft?


When we moved Tyler and I had been married for two and a half years. During that time the items and furniture we accumulated were mostly hand-me-downs, garage sale finds, or cheap Ikea pieces. Not that any of those things are bad, I love hand-me-downs, garage sale finds and cheap ikea furniture, ha! The only thing was that a lot of the things we had we weren't in love with. We had no idea what kind of place we would be moving into next, but we did know that wherever we landed we would start fresh. With that in mind, we donated ALL of our furniture. Every single piece. We had a friend come over, who was in need of lots of furniture, and she put sticky notes on everything she wanted. We had other friends in our Bible study come over and make claims on the rest of what we had left. We gave it all away

If you're thinking about moving into a tiny house, spend some time thinking about your current furniture pieces. What are the items you're willing to let go of? What items may work in a tiny house? 

We currently only have a few large furniture pieces; a love seat, a tv cabinet, a storage bed, and our standing desk/cabinet. That's it. Because we started with zero furniture it was easy to settle into a tiny house. It was also cost effective because we only had to buy a few things, ha! 


People talk about purging all the time, right? Go through that closet, go through that drawer, ect. ect. In our experience, this was the purge of the century. We were only living in a two bedroom apartment, but once I started going through everything I couldn't believe how much we had. I thought about our stuff in two different ways. One, if we hadn't used it within the last 6 months, it had to go. Two, if we weren't going to use it within the next 6 months, it had to go. 

When we purged, we went room by room and we did multiple sweeps. We kept the same mindset for this purge as we did with our furniture. If we didn't love it, we didn't keep it. We went through clothes, books, dvds, dishes, craft supplies, fabric, odds and ends... everything you could think of. 

Our downsize was very intentional. We decided we would be moving with a 4x8 trailer and nothing larger. This really forced us to think hard about what was really important to us. When downsizing it's important to not let sentiment get in the way. Moving into a tiny house means the items you keep, are the items you keep the items that you use most. 

Living in a tiny house cuts down on having people stay over and indoor entertainment. We really miss both of those things, but we kept that in mind when downsizing. We knew we wouldn't need to the same amount of kitchen items and I let go of things I used for parties and big group get togethers. We know that living in a tiny house isn't forever and we have loved the experience. Living in a tiny house has really forced us to be intentional with our purchases and only buying what we need. 

Have you considered living in a tiny house? Have you thought about downsizing? xoxo. Samantha