When we moved into our tiny house we took on a whole new design challenge. How do we design and live in a space that is only 325squ ft. Neither Tyler or I had lived in a space that small, but we were up for the challenge and excited for the possibilities. Before we moved in we were dreaming of ideas, different ways to make things work, and sketching out ideas. We were perusing all things Ikea, scouring Pinterest for small living ideas and determining what we needed to make things work.

We only had a few items that came with us that we would work into the design and everything else would be built or bought. I couldn't wait to make our space livable. One of the main things we were hoping to accomplish within our design was storage. How were we going to create livable pieces that also serviced as storage?



One of the first things Tyler and I knew about our space was that we were going to have to build custom pieces. Most of our furniture pieces were going to have to serve dual purposes. While there are lots of storage furniture pieces out there, we had to create one's specif to our space. The best example of this is our storage bed. If you scroll to the last photo you'll see our storage bed. We used two ikea square cabinets and one rectangular cabinet to create the base for our storage bed. Once we had those three pieces Tyler build a frame that would hold the weight of the bed and within the frame is where we store all of our goodies.


Because our space is so small we had to look for pieces that would fit certain dimensions and meet certain needs. For this particular instance we were looking for an entertainment cabinet... basically anything we could put our tv on, ha! During our search we looked through tons of "tv entertainment" options, but we couldn't find anything we felt would work. During one of our Ikea trips we were walking through the kitchen section and we found a small kitchen island.  We didn't need a kitchen island, but we needed a tv stand and this kitchen island fit the bill. When designing for small spaces be open to alternative pieces.


It takes no time at all for our tiny house to look like a hot mess. When you're living in one small space just a few things out of place begin to look messing. Tyler and I knew we wanted to optimize storage and we wanted to avoid clutter. If you're living in a typical size home it's easy to get creative with different ways to store and display items. One thing I love is throw blankets. I used to love the idea of having throw blankets displayed in some way. However, I knew that wouldn't work in out tiny house because things begin to look cluttered quickly.


Tyler and I love having guests and we love being able to open our home to others. When we were looking for couches we desperately wanted to find one that would fit in our space but included a sleeper also. Guys, this is was so hard. We found plenty of couches that we loved that had a sleeper inside, but they were all too big. There were couches that would have fit in our space, but there wouldn't have been any space left over. We decided to choose a smaller couch to make our space feel bigger. Because we chose a small couch we were able to create a defined "living room space."


With one small space things can begin to feel a little crazy, especially if you have too many colors floating around. When Tyler and I were designing our space we decided on one color story for all 325squ ft. We wanted the colors we picked for our bedding to compliment the colors all throughout our space as well. We decided on gray as our base and went with a gray couch and a gray cabinet for our tv. We then added color through our others pieces, which was teal, yellow, and red. Incorporating similar colors through the whole space gave us a cohesive color story.

We have loved living in our tiny house and we loved the challenge it provided. We love designing spaces and we can't wait for our next design adventure. What has worked for you when designing small spaces? xoxo. Samantha