A lot of things happen when you switch to a new platform. Things get moved around, we rethink content, we make new plans, and we re-evaluate. When I switched to Squarespace I knew there was potential for broken links and I was okay with that. I wasn't over the moon about it, but I knew it was a possibility.

When readers run into broken links they do the same that any of us would do, they leave and for good reason. What they were looking for wasn't there. Some of my highest traffic pins end at broken links, which is not a good thing. All that traffic was landing on my site and then turning around to leave. I needed a solution to entice them to stay. I had basically invited them over to my house for dinner and then didn't provide them any dinner, haha!

The great thing about Squarespace is that there is an easy solution to make sure you have dinner for your invited guests. ;) You may not be able to go through and fix every single broken link, but you can make sure when they enter your site, you are providing them value and you can make that happen by customizing your 404/error page.

Customizing Your 404/Error Page

Guys, this is so easy it makes me so happy! First, head to your Squarespace panel. Click on 'settings', scroll down under 'website' and click on advanced. The very first thing you'll see is your 404/Error Page. Click on that and it's that easy. You can click on the drop down menu and pick any page within your site that you want people to land on.

You can do a few things to customize this space to your needs. One, you can create a new page. You can highlight your most loved post, add a search bar, throw in a few social links, include an opt-in and be good to go. I created a similar page for when people hope over from instagram. 

The second thing you can do is simply pick a page that you already have created. I currently have my 404/Error page direct to my photography tips page. Most of my high traffic pins are photography related so I felt that it was a good idea to have any broken links direct readers straight to my photography tips. 

No longer will broken links lead readers to a dinner-less dinner party. Instead their invited to a dinner party with multiple entrees, ha! What I love about Squarespace is that I may not be able to go back and fix every broken link, but I'm able to create solutions that allow my site to add value. xoxo. Samantha