Dress for success. We've all heard the phrase right? Dress for the job you want. But what about when you work from home? ... Lounge pants and work out clothes every day? Guys, I love lounge pants and workout clothes and I have spent years working in workout clothes, haha! But...

Here's the thing, you meet with your clients and readers every single day. You may not see them face to face, but you encounter them on social media, they stop by your website to say hello, and you communicate with them via email. They have no idea what you're wearing any day of the week, but it's not about them knowing what you wearing, it's something more then that.

When we get up and get ready in the morning we're not just getting ready for the day, but we're getting ready for our readers, our followers and our clients, even if they don't see us face to face. If we got ready every morning with the mindset that we would meet with loyal readers or interested clients we would get dressed out of respect for them. We wouldn't wear lounge pants or work out clothes, we would get ready to represent our best selves and to respect others. And that respect is two fold, when we get ready, not only do we show respect for our readers and clients, but we show respect for our business and ourselves.

We get up and get ready knowing we're going to do our best and be our best selves. I'm totally not saying to never wear workout clothes and lounge pants ever again. I'm simple saying remember when you get ready, even if your not meeting anyone face to face, that you can still show your readers and clients respect when your getting dressed for the day. Dress to show your business respect, it may change how you completely feel about your business all together.

Here's to dressing the part, friends. Here's to getting ready every morning for ourselves, our readers and our clients. And here's to the occasional day of workout clothes. ;) What are your thoughts on work attire when working from home? xoxo. Samantha