I've been trying to write this post for weeks and weeks. I knew my heart behind the post, but words just didn't come. In short I have just wanted to say a few things. Things about balance, grace, and living in the moment. I haven't always been the best at living in the moment. I have spent a lot of time trying to live in the future and anticipate what is coming next. Living this way made me anxious and stressed out. I have had to work to live in each and every moment. To press into my moments and to press into Jesus. To focus on grace over hustle. 

Tyler and I have recently entered into a very work focused season. Tyler has two job, I have two jobs, plus you know, just living life. Even though we have entered into this work focused season we haven't been crazy stressed out. We have been focusing on balance. We know what we can say yes to and we know what we need to say no to. We may be working hard, but we don't need to enter into a season of overwhelm. If we stay focused on each moment and press into Jesus, we have peace.

My to do list is long, but I know I can't do everything on that list right now. I know that I'll get to each one over time and I know that I have to find grace in the journey. I could let my to do list push me along and send me into overwhelm, but if I do that I'm giving my to do list authority over my life and over Jesus. Anytime I look at all the things I would like accomplish and I feel a slight twinge that I'm not getting enough done, I press into Jesus. Regardless of how fast I am moving or how many things I accomplish on my to do list, Jesus is in control. Jesus is covering me in favor, blessing, and grace.

My motto for this season is, "work hard, let Jesus do the rest." We simple have to show up and be willing to do the hard work, Jesus will do the rest. Are y'all interested in how Tyler and I are managing time and balance in this season? If so, let me know! I'll get something together. xoxo. Samantha