There's a lot of talk about hustling these days, right? Everyone seems to want to get things done faster. I appreciate good solid hard work, but hustling is different. I've watched a lot of people hustle and at the same time be steeped in anxiety and pressure. I understand a desire to want to get things done, but getting things done well, that takes time.

Great artists require time to complete their work. They work hard, but their creativity isn't rushed. Think about some of histories greatest artists. It took Michelangelo four years to complete the Sistine Chapel. Now, I've never studied art history, and I definitely wasn't there watching Michelangelo paint, but I just can't image him thinking he needed to work on his hustle.

I started to think about my own process of creativity when I was working on photo shoots. I was planning out some flatlay photos and I wanted to get a lot done, so I was hustling. But I kept getting stuck. My staging and composition wasn't coming together and I just wasn't creating what I had envisioned. In that moment, it clicked. I couldn't rush through my creative process, I couldn't hustle through it. Hustling though it left me with a poor outcome. I have created some of my favorite photos when I allowed myself time to really create.


Now, I'm totally not saying you can't hustle. But I want to point out the grace that comes within the journey and the grace within the creative process. Allowing yourself time for your creativity to unfold will result in a different outcome. Tyler has taught me the art of hard work without hustle. He is one of the hardest working people I know, and he would never consider himself a hustler. He simple knows that all things require hard work and time. I've been working at allowing myself more grace instead of hustle. Just last week I noticed that I accidentally deleted my archive portal. Guys, I was pretty sad about it, it took me a lot of time to build that archive.  Instead of freaking out and immediately hustling to get it fixed, I took a break. I needed to give myself grace in that moment. I had a lot to do that day and knew I couldn't devote the rest of my day to my archive portal. In the end I simple made a plan to get it rebuilt. It will take time, but I'll get it rebuilt again. Friends, let's be in the moment, work hard, and give ourselves grace. xoxo. Samantha