Our phones have been coming up a lot in our daily conversations. They seem to be rather interesting to others because we don't have smart phones. We have old school, basic cell phones. They make phone calls and they send text messages. They do exactly what we want them to do. 


We don't have anything against smart phones. The largest factor in our decision to not having smart phones is the cost. Maintaining continual "smart" device upgrades and the rates of data plans are expensive. Not having smart phones has been an expense that we choose to say no to. We have said no to smart phones so we could say yes to other things. 

If you were to look at our lives you would see that we live pretty simple lives. People ask us, "What have you been up to?" and I'll jokingly respond, " Not much! We're boring, ha!" We live in a tiny house and we have chosen to be frugal and deliberate with our money to pay off our student loan debt. Now, I don't think we're really boring, but compared to the hectic fast-paced lives of the world, we might appear boring. But we aren't ever bored. We both work really hard, enjoy our time spent together, enjoy our hobbies, enjoy our friends, we work out together, and do fun stuff outdoors. But if something cost money, we'll look at our budget and weigh our decision against our goals. It's not like we enjoy saying no, but we want to be good stewards of the choices and resources we have been given. We're doing our best now to build a life for ourselves in the future.

Another reason why we don't have smart phones is because our iPad does everything a smart phone would do. I can access all of the apps I need to run my business. If we need, we can take our iPad with us on outings. I can manage all of my business calls and meetings from our home computer. I call people using Google Hangouts, Skype, or Facetime, all from my desk, no smart phone needed.


There was definitely a time in my life that I felt a little bit like an outsider with my old school phone but it doesn't bother me anymore. I think what we love most about not having smart phones are when we're out, spending time with people, or spending time together, we're always in the moment. I'm not saying that people who have smart phones aren't in the moment, Tyler and I have noticed that because we don't have smart phones there's no option to take out our phones and be "connected".

We were invited to dinner last Spring and Tyler and I sat chatting with everyone over dinner. A topic came up in conversation and someone mentioned checking it on our phones. We simply said that we didn't bring our phones to dinner and the host of dinner responded with such gratitude and thanks. It meant a lot to her that we didn't bring our phones and were fully present at dinner. Because it meant so much to her, it ended up meaning a lot to me.

We also love that we're not always accessible. Tyler loves that his coworkers will actually come to his desk and verbally invite him to something that everyone else only got a group text or Facebook notification about. While often brief, the personal invites are refreshing and the conversations are wonderfully thoughtful. In our personal life, the best way to really contact us is to call us or text us. Of coarse we have email, but our friends and family know that if they send us a text or call us needing something, we'll totally be there.

We don't have anything against smart phones and who knows, we'll probably end up getting smart phones sometimes in the future. Maybe... But we will have that discussion in a few years when all of our student loans are paid off. :) How do you like your phone? Are you still using an old school cell phone like us? xoxo. Samantha