At one point in my blogging and business career I found myself incredibly overwhelmed. I was hustling, trying to do everything, and trying to remember everything. Long story short, everything I was trying to accomplish, I was trying to keep all organized in my head. I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea, but that's how I was doing it, haha!

Then I switched to paper planners and for a long time I would keep track of all my tasks and responsibilities on paper or I would remember something I needed to do and I would email it to myself. I love paper organizers and planners, but I also love keeping my personal life separate from my business life. I'm a huge advocate of balance and working from home as forced me to create those clear boundaries.

As I have continued to create systems to help my business run I have learned what works best for my business and what works best for my personal life. In my personal life I still love and use paper planners. I keep track of our monthly meal plan, I jot down plans with friends, and I keep track of our home needs. In regards to my business planning and organizing I needed something more dynamic and that is when I found Trello.

Trello is an online task keeper and drastically changed the way I organize all the things I need to accomplish. 


There are many reasons why I love Trello. But the thing that really made a difference for me was that I could create multiple do to lists. I have two main lists; 1st priority and 2nd priority. These two list help me outline the things that are priority; the things I tackle first before anything else. I then have lists that outline ideas or on going projects. With multiple lists I have a better since of where my business is currently and how I want my business to grow. A have few inspiration lists that are lists of things that I would like my business to be doing in the future.


When I open Trello I can view all my lists at a glance. This is huge for me. I can easily skim all the things on my to do lists, any projects I have in the works, or any tasks I need to tackle right away.


Another great thing about Trello is the option to add in-depth descriptions to each task you include. This helps me keep track of multi-task projects. Below you'll see that I need to add categories to my sidebar. In Trello I can open up that particular task and type in the categories that I need to include. I also use this option to include references or links of inspiration I have found. Not only can you include an in-depth description, but you can include checklists and due dates.



I know I've shown you examples of how Trello is an online tasks keeper, but that was an important benefit for me. One big way that I maintain balance between work life and home life is that a majority of things related to my business are digital. I keep track of nearly everything business related through digital documentation; excel, word docx, dropbox, client files, everything, and then those things are stored on my hard drive. Because Trello is online and not a paper planner or organizer, once I finish for the day I close Trello. When I review my home planner I don't have business and personal mixed.



One thing that is a great bonus about Trello is that you can invite other people. I don't use this option, but if you were working with multiple people and multiple projects, everyone could view and work together.

How do you keep your business life or personal life organized? What are some of your favorite tools that make your life easier? xoxo. Samantha