Hello friends! This past week was one of those weeks were I felt like my brain fell out of my head, haha! I had a handful of projects I was trying to tackle and I was outlining my calendar for the summer and fall, we have a lot going on this season, whew. When I sat down to go over my editorial calendar I drew a blank. I had tons of ideas outlined in my calendar but I was feeling uninspired. I was having a day were I felt like most of my ideas were only, "okay."

I had planned on working on a few blog posts and working on some brand photos for a client. I love working on brand photos and I have been over the moon because I'm currently working with Good Word Candles. These candles are my favorite candles by far. They are hand poured, smell amazing, and have a wonderful message.

While I was working on the shoot I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share some behind the scenes and break down my process for working on brand photos.


The very first thing I do when working on brand photos is create a private Pinterest board for me and my client. I ask them to pin some of their favorite lifestyle photos so I can get a sense of the style they are hoping to achieve for their brand photos. These photos not only reveal the style that they are drawn too, but it also reveals colors that they are drawn to as well. With this inspiration board I have a platform to create their brand photos.


After I have reviewed the inspiration board I compile a set of props that will enhance the brand photos. I'm able to gauge the props needed by the product I'm shooting and the the inspiration board. This can be things as simple as matches to vintage books, flowers, or plants.


If I haven't sketched out an outline for the shoot, I'll do a test shoot to get a feel for what works with the products best. During this test shoot I get a feel for composition, staging, and the best way to add depth.


One thing I want to point out is that when creating brand photos the process doesn't end with the camera. After the shoot the photos have to be processed and brought to life. ;) Below you can see the before and after. Read about my overall editing process here. I have about an eight step photo editing process, however with photos like these I do a little painting as well. In the photo below you can see that I painted out the wood boards. I also brightened the photo around the subject to create a cleaner look.

This was just a peak at our behind the scenes and a tiny peak into what I'm curating for Good Word Candles. I hope you'll stick around and follow Good Word Candles to see more! Do you have any questions about brand photos? Send them my way! xoxo. Samantha