One of my favorite things is to watch photos unfold to represent a brand. I've recently worked through two different brand photo sessions. My good friend Sarah runs an Etsy shop and before she moved back to Texas we did a quick product photo session. She is an amazing seamstress. Not only does she make the cutest wallets, but she also works with clients one on one to create custom orders like bedding, drapes, and anything else you can think of. :) 

As of late I've been working with Rodan + Fields. Working with Rodan + Fields has been so fun because their brand represents two really great things. One, they represent quality skin care and healthy skin. Two, they represent an amazing business opportunity. Capturing both of those things in their brand story was an exciting challenge. 


Our main goal was to highlight her products for Etsy. It was important to capture the quality of her items, the variety, and the usefulness. Sarah and I actually did a variety of shoots together and it was so fun to work together to build her visual brand story. Sarah loves handmade goods, has her heart planted in Texas and she is a serious seam stresses. She even made her own wedding dress.


There was a lot of things I wanted to capture with Rodan + Fields. They have a very strong brand, but I wanted to make it more personal. I wanted to bring a sense of lifestyle to the shoot. When I began I knew I wanted a clean, fresh feel. There were two things I wanted to represent when creating brand photos.

1.) The Quality of Product : Rodan + Fields was created by dermatologist  to meet four major skin concerns. I think one of the greatest things about the products is that they are meant to help a person right where they are at in their journey. The products are meant to bring about healthy radiant skin, with great results. They provide great results and they leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

2.) The Business Opportunity : Rodan + Fields also gives you the opportunity to build a business around their products. I wanted to translate that opportunity in the photos I created. I think one of the greatest things within this opportunity is how team orientated the business is. One if never alone on their journey. It provides an opportunity for you build something amazing and to bring others along side you.

Alright friends, that does it. :) We're moving this weekend so things might be a little quiet next week, we'll see. I'm trying to give myself plenty of grace. Let me know if you have any photography questions, I love to tackle them! And let me know if you have any questions about Rodan + Fields, I love to tackle those too. xoxo. Samantha