We're chatting more behind the scenes today. Are you excited? ... Because I am! First, have I mentioned that we're moving? Whew, things just keep getting busier and busier around here. This past weekend we were working on some moving projects. We actually built a desk. It was crazy hard work, but it was so fun and I'm excited to share it when we're finished. Anyways, back to the actual moving part. We supposed to move this weekend and I have yet to pack... not one box, ha!

Before this weeks gets too crazy busy I'm excited to share a few of our studio secrets. ;)  I love fake flowers. I want to buy all the fake flowers... okay maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. Fresh flowers are absolutely lovely, however, they die. After a week or two I have to throw them out. I wish I had cash to throw at fresh flowers every week, but we're on a budget friends. ;)


I recently found a new favorite place to buy fake flowers at an amazing deal, Amazon. First of all, why I never thought to buy fake flowers on Amazon is beyond me, but it's a great place. My most recent purchase was fake peonies and I was super impressed. I purchased them at a great deal and they photograph beautifully. I was so excited!


Doing a blanket search for fake flowers on Amazon can be kind of overwhelming. I suggest searching for exactly what you're looking for. I searched for fake peonies, got great results, and the lovelies peonies arrived on my door step. If your looking for fake roses, or even fake succulents, you'll hopefully find something great.

PRO TIP : Cut the flowers apart. Fake flowers work better and you are able to create more variety when the flowers are separated. When your flowers arrive cut them with wire cutters so the are individual stems.


The last thing I want to mention is that Magnolia Market has amazing fake florals. They have the most beautiful fake flowers and I love how unique they are. The cotton stems and the sage bush are on my list! Where do you buy your florals, friends? Do you keep stocks of fake florals around? xoxo. Samantha