Hello friends! Man, last week was a whirl wind. We were out of town for Memorial Day weekend, we came back on Tuesday, I worked my part time job Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday was all about catch up, whew!

But let's talk about the fun stuff. Tyler and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary last week and we decided to stay in New York City to celebrate. Small fun fact, our first 6 months living in New York we lived in the Hyatt House, which was provided as corporate housing. During that time we racked up a ton of Hyatt points. Those points were going to expire at the end of this year so we decided to use them and stay at Hyatt Time Square. This was HUGE, because without our Hyatt points we would have never been able to stay there, it was an amazing blessing. 

We planned three fun filled days exploring the city. Hyatt Time Square has a ... High Top Bar... Bar 54 ... I can't remember what it was called, ha! But we ate there our first evening. The draw to Bar 54 is that you are able to look over the city from the 54th floor of the Hyatt. It was so cool. On Sunday we took our first subway. We had been to the city a few times prior to this, but mostly walked. This time around we finally figured out the subway, woot! We rented a tandem bike and biked around Central Park and we also checked out the Central Park Zoo. Taking a tandem bike around Central Park was the coolest thing ever! 

On Monday we went on a guided tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The ferry rides were the coolest and my favorite part of the tours was learning about all the history. There was so much about the Statue of Liberty that I didn't know and the same about Ellis Island too. We had the best tour guide ever, he was super informed... it was so nice to have a tour guide. Now if any one comes to visit us we can take them to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and actually now what to do, ha! :) 

One thing that I learned about being in New York City is that I tire quickly, ha! Tyler probably could have went all day for all three days, but I needed to head back to our hotel most days to rest, whew. All in all we had an amazing time! I can't wait for more adventures! How was your Memorial Day weekend? Do you have any summer plans? xoxo. Samantha 

P.S. Stop by on Monday for, "How to create a seamless photo background." I can't wait to share!