You want to know what's tough?...  when you're trying to write a post, but you're starting to get sick and all you want to do is fall over, ha! That's currently how I'm feeling, but here's to pushing through and getting work done, right. :) 

Guys, I really love brand photography. It's tough but it's so fun. No matter what product I'm working with I always feel stretched. When I begin shooting I'm thinking about a lot of different things; what the product represents, how to style the product, how to stage the product, and how to create an image that's engaging.

The question is, how do we do all those things when creating lifestyle photos around products? 


In the photo above I created mood by adding texture and layers. Instead of laying the item flat by it's self, I added flowers and lemons. Everything together tells a story. Flowers alone effect our mood. While we're not experiencing the flowers first hand they can remind us of a mood that real flowers give us. The lemons add a sense of freshness.


One thing I love about photos and one thing that really adds to lifestyle photos is having life in the photos. ;) Make the photos personal by getting in them or snap photos of a friend. For the photos below I made sure to get in the photos by showing how the product can be used.


Details tell another part of the story. It helps us to see the product up close and highlights the product against other items in the photo. One thing that really adds to the photo when capturing detail is using a low aperture. A low aperture gives you a dreamy blurry background and makes the subject of the photo nice and sharp.

These a just a few things to get you started when creating product lifestyle photos. Do you have any photography questions? ... Shoot them my way. :) Now, I'm off to get some rest, whew. xoxo. Samantha