Every time I sit down to write a post I kind of feel like a broken record, ha! Mostly because every time I want to tell you how we're really busy. If Tyler's not at work, he's teaching his class. If he's not teaching his class, he's building furniture. If he's not building furniture, he's building a train station. And the same is similar for me. If I'm not working here, I'm working with R+F. If I'm not working with R+F, I'm doing laundry or cooking dinner or cleaning or grocery shopping, or helping Tyler build furniture, ha!

This has been a busy season for us and it has felt a little tough. We haven't gone on any crazy summer adventures, we've just focused on work or home projects. A few weeks ago Tyler and I went on a lunch date and before we left I grabbed my camera. I had been thinking about how I hadn't captured that many fun memories from our summer. We had spent a majority of our summer at home and while a lunch date wasn't too crazy, it was a special moment we could capture.

I actually have a love hate relationship with photography on the go, ha! I love it because I love capturing our memories and everyday moments. I hate it because I do not like to draw attention to myself and often times when I pull out my camera I feel like it draws a lot of attention. The only thing is... in reality most people may notice my camera, but then go back to whatever they were doing.



For our lunch date this actually could have been any where in the restaurant. The two main walls in the restaurant were all windows. Best place ever if you ask me. :) Windows mean plenty of light. One thing I want to point out is that if you're in a restaurant with plenty of light you don't always have to sit right by the window. You may actually find better indirect light in the center of the room. Think about the direction of the light and what time of day it is. We sat right next to a window, whichmeant we dealt with some very direct light. This didn't keep us from taking pictures but you'll see in the last photo of this post that it did effect our photos.


Take a look at the two photos below. The photo on the left is just a pizza. How is the photo on the right different? It's full of food! ;) If we had just picked up our camera and snapped a photo we would have been left with the photo on the left. Lucky for me, Tyler is always thinking about staging... it's apart of his job, it's how his brain works. ;) I snapped the first photo and Tyler started moving a few plates around. I snapped another photo and we then had the photo on the right. Much more visually appealing, it's tells a better story and you get to see everything we ate, ha!


I mentioned above how we dealt with direct light during our lunch date. Tyler snapped the photo of me below and at first glance I quickly want to point out the imperfect lighting situation. On one side of my face I have lots of light and on the other side of my face I have lots of shadow. Here's the thing, every picture is a memory even if it's not perfect. While you're on your lunch date capture your memories and tell your story. The pictures don't have to be perfect.

I have seasons where I'm really great are taking my camera with me every where. As of late I haven't been that great at it... I'm trying to be better. :) What are some of your favorite on the go photography tips? xoxo. Samantha

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