Can you believe it's already August? I sure can't. This summer has flown by. The weekend before last, I felt like I was going to collapse  under the weight of everything we have been trying to get done. Between moving, working, having family in town, trying to build a business, trying to build furniture, and just living life... things have been tough. 

I looked back over July and while we accomplished a lot while moving, things got a little slow on the business end. That's how life works, right? We can't do everything and be every where. We simply have to take one day and one project at a time. I've been tired, feeling out of sorts, our routine as been all over the place and I haven't worked out in over a month. Man oh man, it's been tough. But this weekend there was a small glimmer of light. I was able to get back to some regular work and breathing got a little easier. Tyler and I went on a date night and we also tackled building a new furniture piece, whew, life keeps us busy. 

On the business end, I did a lot of photography work, which I absolutely loved! I did more work with Good Word Candles... Whitney has been so gracious and I love, love working with her. I have been challenged and inspired in new ways and I can't wait to keep working with her. I also did more Rodan + Fields work. My goal with R+F is to create a unique brand story, different then what I have seen before. The goal is to highlight the products and stories of lives changed through R+F. Every photo I take challenges me in a new way.

In our everyday lives we've been busy, ha! We moved, as you read above. :) Tyler's mom came for a visit and we ran around and did fun stuff. We went to a Yankees game which was so fun! Guys... I love baseball games, I hope they are always a summer staple in our house. I also wanted to share a little behind the scenes of what life really looks like behind the camera, ha! Because behind the camera things aren't always that cute, they are usually incredibly messing.  

How has your summer been? We still have plenty of work to do on the home front, but once we're finished, I'll be sharing lots of pictures. Also, if y'all are interested I'll do a few photo session breakdowns of how I shot everything above. :) xoxo. Samantha