Not very long after Tyler and I got married, Tyler lost his wedding ring. We weren't too worried, Tyler isn't a huge fan of wearing jewelry, so we didn't invest a lot in his wedding band. Tyler went without a wedding band for almost 2 years. It was rather hilarious because most people seemed concerned, "where is your wedding ring?!" It's as though something was wrong just because he didn't have one, ha! 

It didn't take me very long to need a different ring too. I didn't need a different ring because I lost mine or because something was wrong, but I needed something different for hiking, camping, working out, and working with my  hands. Tyler and I both found our selves needing rings that better suited our active lifestyle. 

Tyler found his ring first. He went searching for unique wedding rings online and he found Qalo silicone rings. The rings were simple and exactly what he needed. We didn't have much to loose as his rings was only $25. Tyler didn't have his ring for very long before I decided I wanted one too. 

The rings are light weight and made of silicone... there is no way you'll get ring dysplasia, yuck. They have a variety of mens and womens rings in different colors and styles. My ring was only $20, woot! What I love most about my ring is that I no longer worry about banging it on a rock or smashing it with a kettle bell, ha! I was doing a kettle bell workout once and didn't think to take my ring off. When I picked up the kettle bell I could feel the weight of the kettle bell press into my ring.... whew, there was no major damage. I love that no matter what activity we are doing I don't have to worry about my ring; between hiking, camping, working out, digging in the dirt (ha!) or even loosing it, I don't have to think about my ring. 

Tyler wear's his ring every day of the week, but I switch my up. Some days I'll wear my nicer wedding band and on other days I'll wear my Qalo ring. I really love both, so it's a win win. ;) Have you found a ring that works better for your active lifestyle? xoxo. Samantha