Something that has surprised me is how much I enjoy creating brand photography for R+F. I love brand photography, but when I first got started with R+F I thought I might get boxed into to what I saw other's creating. I knew I wanted to stretch myself to create beautiful imagery. I wanted to create a unique brand story, one that would be recognized as a part of the Elah Tree brand. 

Here's the thing, I rarely see personalized and unique brand imagery around R+F. My job as a photographer is to tell a story, to draw you in, to evoke an emotion, and to make you want to see more. For every R+F image I create, my goal is to create something beautiful. My goal is to create something that you want to be a part of; that means creating cultural, lifestyle, and story.  

A beautiful image is one thing, cultural and lifestyle is another. The two later portions take a more personal touch and are far harder for me to create. If one can create cultural and and lifestyle paired with beautiful imagery, you can create a strong community. Let's break down the photos in today's post. 


Take a look at all the photos in this series. There is consistency in props and in lighting. Adding similar props in each of the photos keep them connected. The props set the background for your brand story. All the images are conveying a similar feeling with the props. 


Guys, I don't think about color psychology enough, but understanding how it may effect your imagery will give you a better understanding of the brand story you're telling. Because I'm using similar props in this photography series, the color psychology is the same as well. Colors that are consistent in this series are; white, pinks, greens, blue, and golden yellow. Check out this color psychology infographic, it's full of great info.  Based on that infographic and the colors included in my imagery the emotions conveyed include;

  • Pink : Positive, compassionate, soft...
  • Light Green : calm, soothing...
  • White : Pure, clean, lightweight, airy, bright...
  • Light Blue : Calm, peaceful, cool, clean... 
  • Golden Yellow : Nourishing, positive, hospitable, comfort... 

Prior to reading that list do you believe those emotions were conveyed through the images? Makes you think, right? What I love about color psychology is that the emotions listed are the emotions I hope to evoke. Those are the type of emotions I want to be created around the story and culture. 


A brand story is more the photos, right? It also means creating cultural and story with words. People who are able to create story and cultural with words amaze me, because that is one of the hardest parts for me. Anytime I brand posts a photo, a caption or story is also included. Our brand story comes together with the actual "story" we are telling. The photo below is a good example of creating story with words, within an image. "Open Me Already!" conveys a sense of excitement, hopefully encouraging the viewer to want to take part as well. 

Creating a brand story and creating culture is no easy tasks, but it's great fun and takes our business and photography to a whole new level. We don't even have to get it right the first time. Every journey is just that, a journey. How are you creating a brand story and culture within your business or blog? xoxo. Samantha