... I'm leaving in on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again, leaving on a jet plane... Guys, I'm jetting off to see some of my favorite people in good ol' Colorado! I'm crazy over the moon! I just have to get past the flying part, haha! I always get a little anxious when I fly alone. I've been thinking about camera gear and camera bags for weeks. When packing my gear I fall between two bags, my hiking camera pack and my every day JoTotes camera bag. I love them both and for this particular trip I have gone back and forth on which one to take, whew. 

Both of my camera bags are exceptional for flying and travel, the both carry all of my gear and are both really comfortable, there's a big possibility I could take both, haha! Today I wanted to share how I pack my gear in my JoTotes camera bag. My biggest thing is being able to pack light, while still taking everything I need. Is it even possible to pack light as a photographer? haha!


  • Nikon D300s, 35mm attached
  • Nikon D700, 50mm attached
  • Gorilla pod
  • Lens cleaning wipes, lens brush, and lens cloth
  • Rainsleeve 
  • Filter Kit
  • Extra memory cards 

I used to always carry my Nikkor 55-300 lens, but I rarely us it. I decided to leave this lens at home, hopefully I don't regret that decision, haha! I also considered only taking one camera body and I almost convinced myself to stick with one, but taking two camera bodies means I have a backup if one of my camera bodies does something weird and decides not wot work. I had one of my camera bodies quit in the middle of a shoot once, I prefer to never go without a backup. 

I'm actually still on the fence about taking my gorilla pod. I'm impartial to taking my bigger tripod so the gorilla pod is perfect for sticking with light weight gear, but I'm thinking it may be overkill as I'm sure there will be plenty of other tripods around.  

What I love most about both of my camera bags is that even after I fill them with camera gear there is still plenty of room for every day items. 


  • iPad
  • Phone
  • Sunglasses 
  • Snacks
  • Wallet, ect...  

You know, all the other every day things we need to travel with. ;) 

Y'all I didn't mention this above, but one of my favorite things to carry with  me that I don't always use is my rainsleeve. It takes up very little space and if I'm ever shooting and it starts to rain I'm good to go. How do you pack your bag for travel? What are some of you favorite items to carry while you travel? xoxo. Samantha