Fall is fast approaching... I mean, it's September so it's basically Fall, right? ;) But guys, the first day of Fall is less then two weeks away. Starbucks is already serving pumpkin everything and I'm pretty sure I already saw some leaves changing this past weekend. I've been a little resistant to Fall, not because I don't love it, but because this summer went by too fast. A few weeks ago Tyler and I talked about how hard this summer was... do you think we can have a summer do over? ;)

But enough about summer... it's time to embrace Fall; cool crisp air, beautiful changing leaves, pumpkin in everything we can think of, ha! And our favorite Fall accessories. The transition into Fall is kind of my favorite. I love mixing my Fall and Summer items!



RAZORBACK TANKS: Guys, razorback anything is my favorite thing of all time. My goal is to wear razorbacks all year long and being able to incorporate them into Fall is magical. I recently picked up that green razorback and I just new it would be perfect for Fall. Classy, but still a little flirty.

CURLS: I bet you didn't know that curls were one of my favorite Fall accessories, did you? ;) Here's what's perfect about Fall; the weather gets cool and crisp and way less humid, which means my hair will actually hold a curl. And since it's cooler, it's not toO hot to have my hair down.

JORD WOOD WATCH: Y'all my Jord wood watch it seriously one of my favorite accessories for every season. I've never had a watch that felt so me, but was still so classy too. It's the most unique watch I've ever had and I love that it adds the perfect pop to my outfit.


CUFFED PANTS: Do you want to know a secret?... I'm pretty sure that Tyler is a classier dresser then I am, ha! He's a classy guy folks, and with summer transitioning into Fall, cuffed pants or jeans are the way to go, plus they look pretty great, right? ;)

JORD WOOD WATCH: Alright friends, Tyler's not an accessory guy, but he loves his Jord wood watch. He likes that it's unique, he likes that it's made of wood (he's loves wood working, so it makes sense.) And he likes that it's classy, but rustic. Tyler never really wore watches until Jord watches and now I see him where it all the time.


Sometimes stepping in front of the camera can be awkward, right? ... like really awkward. Nearly every time I step in front of the camera it takes some time for me to look half way decent, ha!I knew that if I was feeling this way there must be others that were feeling that way too.

CREATE A POSING INSPIRATION BOARD: I totally have a secret Pinterest board full of posing inspiration. Most of the time if I don't start with any inspiration then I'm losts. I think of a posing board the way I think about all other ways I study photographing. Most of the time when I look at photos I'm looking at the light, I'm studying the composition, and I'm thinking about how the photographer created the photo. When I look at others posing, I do the same thing. I look the position of their body to the camera, I look at what their legs and arms are doing and I try to apply those principles to my own poses.

PRACTICE IN THE MIRROR: Guys, I totally practice in the mirror too, not even kidding. Because it had been a while since our last style photo session I knew I needed the practice. I stood in the mirror and practiced different poses. Once I found a pose that worked in the mirror I looked at what my body was doing and did my best to remember.

CROSS YOUR ARMS OR YOUR LEGS: If you scroll through these photos you'll see a lot of photos where my arms are crossed or my legs are crossed. This works in two ways. One, it actually makes me feel like I'm doing something, making me feel less awkward. Two, it's figure flattering. When we pull our arms out in front of us and cross them it helps to extenuate our arm shape.

THINK ABOUT YOUR EYES: If you look at the two photos above, my facial expression is very different in each. To the left is my serious face, ha! And to the right is a much softer half smile. Most often what my eyes are doing will dictate what the rest of my face is doing. If you are wanting to accomplish a serious face it's all in the eyes and can be accomplished with a half squint. The tricky thing is, is that you're not actually squinting at all. Your barley flexing you eyelids.

STAY LOOSE & HAVE FUN: Nearly every time Tyler and I start a photo shoot we're both really awkward and stiff. Our first few photos are always awkward, ha! What helps through the session is that we have fun and do silly poses. We'll do super silly awkward poses and usually through those moments we'll actually come up with something that works. :)

Y'all what are some of your favorite things about Fall? What are your favorite Fall accessories?

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