Alright friends, we're back with another Q&A; these are my favorite! I opened up my Q&A on IG and one of the questions I received was; "When Tyler is taking photos for/of you, how do you handle communicating what shots you need?" 

First, I'm not always the best in front of the camera, but I am getting better, woot! I'm going to do my best to provide tips for communicating style photos needs and communicating for everyday shoots, like this one


One of the first things that really helped Tyler and I was that I started creating style inspiration boards. I was able to communicate the type of photo I wanted simply by showing Tyler a picture. The first few years that Tyler and I did photo shoots together, we would wing it. No matter how the photos turned out, I was just happy to have photos, haha! Over time, I started to develop a style that I was aspiring to. At first I was unable communicate what I was wanting. I learned that in order to communicate what I couldn't articulate was to start with photos that inspired me. 


Tyler and I now have almost 4 years under our belt when it comes to doing shoots together. Although, we always feel a little rusty when we shoot together, because we don't shoot as often as we should. All this time shooting together and I have finally been able to communicate with Tyler that type of photos I want, by being specific. The photo below is a great example. I told Tyler I wanted a photo of me standing directly in front of and centered in the greenery. I also asked that he shoot it vertically. 


I then learned that it was up to me to know how my body looked in front of the camera. I first had to get comfortable in front of the camera and then I had to learn which poses that worked best for me. This is tough, I have photos from every shoot that I feel are a little awkward, but I have also learned that there are a few poses that always seem to work. Those are my default poses and I'm working to get better at more. 


One of the other things that works for Tyler and I is that I take the test shots. I'll explain to Tyler the shot that I'm hoping for and then I'll take a test shot. I'll compose or stage the shot and then I'll tell Tyler where I'm supposed to be in the shot. Taking the test shot allows Tyler to see what I'm hoping for and it makes it easier for him to see what I see. 


There are some shots that I'm not always sure about. When we are working on those shots I know that I have to be open to whatever outcome we get. During these moments I'm not always sure how to communicate what I want... I'm sometimes not even sure how to execute it myself. During these moments know that it's okay to figure it out as you go. I'll often tell Tyler that I'm not quite sure, but try to give him an example. 

Tyler and I snapped these photos while in Burbank. It was actually midday, but it was overcast. One thing that I want to point out is that even though the sky was overcast I can still see shadows on parts of my face. A quick tip to remedy this; stand just under the canopy of a tree. The tree will provide even lighting, but make sure to stand just on the edge, so that the light from the sky lights up your face. xoxo! Samantha  

STYLE DETAILS: AE Skinnies || White Puffer (similar|| Boyfriend Flannel (similar) || Timberland Leather boots