Guys, I'm all about the Instax Mini these days. First, when I was in Colorado, Amy brought her camera and we had so much fun! Then I got an Instax Mini for my birthday and we took it home for Christmas and we had the very best time! There is just something about being able to take a photo and then have the print in hand.

You might not know, but I have a thing for cameras, haha! ;) Just a few reasons why you should add the Instax Mini to your collection. 


The Instax Mini is all about being in the moment. I think sometimes if we are snapping photos with our phones it may be easy to get distracted. We'll take a photo... or five, haha! Then we might spend a few minutes editing it, or we may decide we don't like it and take five more. With the Instax Mini you can't take five photos, you're simply in the moment. 


I love this! We have digital photos coming out of our ears. I love that with the Instax I actually have prints on hand. I can take a photo or a handful of photos and put them on my fridge, or keep them by my desk. Tyler and I actually have mini polaroids from over two years ago hanging on our fridge and I love looking at them everyday. 


Oh my gracious, there is just something about polaroids that is so nostalgic. I love seeing polaroids because they remind me of photos I find out my moms house that she took 20+ years ago, it's the best! 


One thing I LOVE about the Instax Mini is that you can share the prints! When in Colorado we took a bunch of different photos and at the end of the trip we all picked out our favorites to take home. Tyler and I did the same thing at Christmas. At the end of the trip we had everyone pick out photos that they wanted and everyone was able to take photos with them. 


But seriously guys, it's so fun! Taking photos with the Instax Mini is a memory in it's self! Hanging out with friends, taking photos, sharing photos, hanging photos on your fridge... so much fun! 

The Instax Mini is one of my favorite things to share with friends. I took a photo with each of my friends when we were home for Christmas and it was the best! xoxo. Samantha