I am jumping in super quick before jetting off again, whew. We got home late Tuesday evening, I spent most of yesterday unpacking and making our house look normal again, haha! Now I'm packing again, man oh man. 

For the last two weeks, Tyler and I were away for Christmas. Going home for Christmas is one of my favorite things. Long story short we spend every moment possible with friends and family that we hardly get to see. During this particular trip I was able to meet up with Courtney, of A + Life. I've actually known Courtney for a long time. She and I met through blogging, but I finally set up a time to meet with her and do a photo shoot. Blog friends are the best of friends. 

I love doing photo shoot with bloggers because they always do great in front of the camera. Courtney was so fun and sweet to work with. She did phenomenal at taking direction, which was super awesome, because I don't always feel super great at giving direction. And she looks absolutely beautiful, don't ya think? :) 


Since today is quick I want to leave you with two quick tips. One, keep your body engaged toward the camera. When you face the camera, lean in toward the camera or take one step forward. Look at the second photo in this series. Courtney is standing against a wall, but I asked her to lean in toward me with her left shoulder, twisting her torso toward me.

Two, keep your chin down. Don't look down, but keep your chin down. By nature we always want to look up or tilt our head back... I do this too. But do your best to keep your chin down, it will help define your face. 

That's all for today, can't wait to share with you from this next adventure we're off too! xoxo. Samantha