Flatlay is by far my favorite photography style. With Flaylay you can create any type of story you desire; from desk inspired photos, to cooking, travel, style, beauty, and many more. Flaylay offers controlled versatility. With Flatlay you can style a variety of different type of photos with ease. The beauty of flatlay is the option to restyle as much as you need. When I prepare for a styled stock photo shoots, my first few styled photos aren't my last. My styling comes together as I warm up within my shoot. There are a variety of ways to style flatlays, so let's get started. 


Desk inspired flatlay are really fun! I always get started by including a keyboard as the main subject. This gives me an object to style around. For this particular flatlay I chose a color theme, pink and gold. I choose a variety of props and style them a few times to determine which looks best. It's important to always make the photo look lived in; this is why you often see items in use, like paperclips lying on the desk or unraveled ribbon. 


Adding hands to a flatlay can really bring your photos to life. Your hands or anybody's hands help to draw the audience in and direct the eye. Hands make the photo feel more lived in and helps the audience connect with the business or blogger. The key with adding hands to flaylay is utilizing a tripod and timer so your actually get your hands in the photo. 

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I think lifestyle is maybe the quintessential flaylay. With lifestyle you can style any object and theme you like. For the photo above I styled a beauty theme flatlay. I kept it simple, by only including a few items, but I added interest and framing by adding flowers in two of the corners. 

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Styling a photo to include what space is another great flatlay. This type of flatlay is perfect for hero images of your blog posts, creating Pinterest images, or making announcements on Instagram. When styling props for this type of flaylay you want to focus on styling the edges of your photo. A simple way to do this is to add an item to the middle of your photo and then style your items around that. Once your styling is complete you then remove the middle item and have what space left to add text. 

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