Whether you're a lifestyle blogger or a small business owner, creating quality images to tell your story is important. I remember when I opened my first Etsy shop. Learning to create quality images was tough. But, I'm here to walk you through the steps to get you closer to quality images, bringing your business and blog to life. 

Yesterday, we chatted about flaylay and I'm excited because today we're talking about stylized lifestyle images. Both of these photography styles are perfect for highlighting your blog, business, and products. 


Planning is maybe my number one tip to save you time and maybe even a headache, haha! ;) When you've decide you're going to do a photo session, instead of jumping in head first, make a plan before you begin. I have started many sessions without a plan and many times I struggled all the way through. I didn't have a vision for what I wanted to create, I didn't have props picked out, and because of that I was left uninspired and discouraged. Before you get started make a plan and decide what you want to shoot, what your vision is, and how to want to execute it. Stay tuned next week... I'll be breaking down my process for preparing for product and brand photo sessions. 


Using natural light is fundamental when creating dynamite images for your business and blog. Can you use flash and soft boxes? Absolutely. But, natural light will give you a more dynamic outcome. Find a window or a sliding door where lots of light is coming in, this will be your main source of light. If you're like me, you can take advantages of using soft boxes to help fill out the light in the room, but natural light is going to make all the difference in your photos. 

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Now that you've determined your plan and set things up with your natural light, evaluate what kind of light is coming through your window. Is it an overcast day and the light is indirect? Is the sun out and the light is direct and warm? If you are working with direct light and it's casting shadows you want to defuse your light. A super easy and cheap way to defuse light is to grab a white sheet or a white sheer curtain and drape it in front of your window. 


Creating depth in your photos is another one of those things that we will do a lot for you photos. The tricky thing about creating depth is creating layers within your photos that really work. You want to create layers that work off of each other, highlighting your subject, and you always want to avoid tangents. 


Negative space is ideal when creating images for your business or blog as it provides space for you to add text. With negative space you can announce upcoming sales, say thank you to your customers, or add inspiring quotes. 


A photo that is lived in makes it more personal and tells more of a story. In the photo below, the tea canister is left open, adding life to the photo. In each of the make-up photos the make-up is open, as if it is in use. Utilize the props in your photos indicating that they are in use. If you're working with products, show the products in use. 


Editing is going to make all the the difference in your photos. You are probably going to fall into one of two categories. One, you are shooting in JPEG. Two you are shooting in RAW. If you are shooting in JPEG, the camera is going to finish the photo for you. This means the camera will make it's own decisions about how your photo should look and compress it. With JPEG, it seals up all the information and bakes it... like a cake, ha! Once the cake is baked you can't make to many more changes to it. With a RAW images the camera gives you the file unfinished... unbaked. This allows you to really develop the image. 


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That does if for today, friends! How is your photography and business journey coming along? What are things that would help your business along? xoxo. Samantha