I will always be a dreamer. I will always have ideas, dreams, and hopes pouring out of me. One of the best parts about dreams is bringing those dreams to life. Taking those dreams and turning them into something tangible. It took me years to figure out how to turn my dreams into a tangible business, and I still have plenty to learn. But we can all start somewhere. We can pull our dreams down from the sky (preferably with a lasso ;) and start taking steps to turning them into bombshell business. 


Something that I really struggled with in my business and something that kept me from moving forward, was that I wasn't sure what I wanted to be about it and I wasn't sure what I wanted my business to be about. Because of this I found myself stuck. It's not that I wasn't trying... I was trying everything under the sun, haha! But I hadn't determined what I really wanted my business to be about.

I decided to pursue running my own business in 2013. I started by opening an Etsy shop and creating handmade zip bags. The following year I decided that was not the type of business I wanted, so I switched to something else. In 2015, we moved , twice, and I spent a majority of the year asking myself this question, "what do I want my business to be about?" I had to decide what type of business I wanted, what kind of product I wanted to offer, and what my strengths really were. 


Deciding to leverage my strengths instead of trying to strengthen my weaknesses was a game changer for me. It's easy to look at someone else, look at their journey, look at how they are doing business, and try to take your weaknesses (my weaknesses) and turn them into strengths. But the best part of your business will be built on your strengths.

I thrive on consistency, even in my photography. Brand and styled stock photography leverages all of my strengths and helps me manage my weaknesses. As a portrait photographer, one has to think quickly, they have to be light on their feet, they have to take tough situations and make them into great situations. As a portrait photographer, managing all those things zapped my creativity. My weaknesses were highlighted and my strengths were diminished. 

As a brand and styled stock photographer I am able to really utilize my strengths. Do I still have weaknesses? Absolutely. But, because I was decided to build my business around my strengths, I could begin manage my weaknesses to work better in my business. 


We're living in the social media world. Comparison is a struggle sometimes, right? Maybe a bit more then we would like? Comparison definiltey kept me from moving forward in my dreams and business. I spent far to much time watching other brands and business, and comparing my brand and business to theirs. I spent more time focusing on them instead of my customer. 

If you focus on your customer you're going to create better products and content. You're going to prioritize how you can help them and how you can serve them better. If we stay focused on our customer, the needs of our customer, and how we can serve them better, we'll start creating better and more, because we're no longer comparing and second guessing our business. 


There is a lot to learn on the internet. There are a lot of e-books, pdfs, webinars, and podcasts at our finger tips. None of these things are bad, I take advantage of them too. The tricky part comes when we try to ingest all of them. When we try to read every e-book and pdf. When we try to watch and listen to every webinar and podcast. These many influences can become a distraction, they can confuse us and keep us busier with other things that aren't our business. 


Remember how I said I started my business journey in 2013? I started with one thing, went through a few other things and then finally ended up here. The one thing that remained constant in all the changes and discovery was my blog. The consistency of my blog was a plus. The downside was that it wasn't always inline with the products I was creating. I learned that it was important to keep my content inline with my products... It was important to create content that would serve my customers the same way my products serve them. 

What dreams and hopes are you wanting to turn into a bombshell business? What are some steps that you can take this week to turn your dream into something tangible? xoxo. Samantha