February's free styled stock hit inboxes last week and all of you were so sweet! It was so encouraging to get messages from y'all! One of my favorite things about sending you guys free styled stock is that you get to take a peek at what's coming to the Elah Tree Stock Collection! Plus, who doesn't love free styled stock, amiright?

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The best thing about styled stock are the many ways to crop them and how versatile they are. You can use them for; 

Blog Posts : Crop them vertically to make them into a killer eye catching hero image. 

Pinterest Image : Cope them vertically into a killer pinterest image. 

Newsletter Cover Photo : Crop them horizontally into a newsletter cover photo. 

Social Media Cover Photo : Crop them horizontally into a cover photo for Facebook. 

Instagram : Crop them into a square to highlight your biz and blog on instagram. 

Opt In Image : Crop them and include them at the bottom of your blog posts as an opt-in image. 

I love creating styled stock because I love how it serves you and your business! If you could put in a request for styled stock, what would it be? xoxo. Samantha