2016 was a hard year. It ended up beginning surprisingly hard. Even though it was hard, I came away being incredibly grateful, Jesus taught me a lot in 2016. He taught how strong I really was, He sifted me, He molded me... All of which was relatively uncomfortable, but all very much worth it. 

When 2017 started I knew I needed to slow down and really evaluate what my goals were, all the things I was doing, and how to really focus. I am hoping 2017 will be a year of consistency and I believe Jesus is bringing me into a season of balance. So here's to 2017, friends. Here's to speaking our dreams into life, opening our hearts, dreams, and businesses, and giving them all over to Jesus. 



Something I had lost track of was that this business isn't mine, it belongs to Jesus. He gave me the desires, the drive, the dreams, the skills, the gifts, and the talents. It's His business and it's my job to steward it well. To tend to it to the best of my abilities, to care for it and to serve you, customers, and clients. My goal this year (and every year after :) is to remember this business isn't mine, it's His. 


Guys, I have been trying to get an e-course launched for far to long... like over a year, haha! I knew I wanted to do an e-course, but it took me forever to decide on content, and then I kept getting caught up in actually putting it together. I'm so happy to say that I finally have a strong vision for this e-course (thank you Jesus!) and I'm really looking forward to writing it. I am hoping to have the e-course launched by the Fall, which gives me plenty of time. Friends, I would so love your prayers on this. Prayers that I will stay focused and prayers that doubt won't keep in. A sub-category of this goal is to have 50 people sign up! Woot! 


I have been wanting to do this for a while, but for some reason I kept getting in my own way. I'm really excited for this one too! I will be creating custom styled stock photos for small business owners, bloggers, and instagramers. To be completely honest I kept putting this off because I was afraid. I wanted everything to be just perfect, but no business starts out that way, haha! I'm trusting that Jesus will fill me with His creativity and I will create images that serve you and your business. 

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I really feel like balance is key this year and something that Jesus kept pressing upon my heart. I did a lot of running around last year, doing far too many things. I feel it's important to focus in on this business and create balance between it and home life. With balance comes the next three goals. 


Quiet time with Jesus has always been important to me and I've always done my best to make it a priority. Last year things seemed to get out of balance (there's that balance word again, haha) and I have been making strides at getting back on track with reading my Bible and spending time in prayer. 


I am really excited about this one. I've never been much of a reader, but within the last month, Tyler and I have both been doing a lot of reading. The goal started out as one book a month, I'm feeling a little sheepish, as one book a month probably isn't that much to some readers, but I'll be killing it if I stick with this goal, haha! I have books picked out through May, so I'm on track. I'm currently reading Fast Track Photographer, which I'm really loving. Next month is The E Myth. April will be Business Boutique and May will be Love Your Life, Not Theirs. My list is currently filled with business books, but I'm open to suggestions if y'all have any books that you love. 


Guys, I really love fitness, except last year I fell of the fitness bandwagon, haha! Tyler and I both do P90X3, which we really love and it keeps us in shape, but last year our exercise routine took a nose dive, so we're getting back on track this year. We've done pretty well so far and I'm excited to keep going. We always feel so much better when we exercise. 

That's does it, friends! What are some of your goals for this year? I would love to hear how you are going and how your goals are going. xoxo! Samantha