This post has been sponsored by Afloral. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Florals are one of my favorite things to have in the house and to have in photos. The tricky thing about florals, especially fresh florals is that they die... I want them to last all year long, haha! The other tricky thing is that certain fresh florals aren't available all year long. As a styled stock photographer I love fresh florals, but I also love having florals that I can always  have in the studio all year long. Florals that I can keep and go back to time and time again. 

So, the next plausible alternative is faux florals. Friends, I love faux florals as much as I love fresh florals, especially if they are quality. Quality is key. Enter Afloral, your one stop shop for the most beautiful faux florals you've ever seen. Afloral has an extensive variety of faux florals, BUT my very favorite florals they carry are their "real touch" florals. Not even kidding guys, these faux flowers are off the chart! 


Florals are naturally pleasing to they eye when they are in photos. Florals are pretty and people love seeing them. Styling florals is similar to styling other items in your photos as all the items have to work together to make one cohesive photo.  

BEND FLOWER HEADS UP : Afloral has a variety of florals, from single stem, a bundle of stems, to bouquets. I have a handful of bouquets, which are absolutely beautiful. Something that you will see a lot in styled photos is flowers on their side. When you are styling with a bouquet on it's side take a few and bend the flower heads just slightly up. In the photo below I included a bouquet in the lower left corner. Because it was a bouquet I wanted to few of the flower heads to be more visible, so I tilted a few of the flower heads up. This is perfect and so easy to do with faux florals. 

SEPARATE YOUR FLORALS: Sometimes when we purchase florals, whether they are fresh or faux, we sometimes get stuck in keeping them exactly as we bought them. But the great thing about florals is their versatilely. I had a bouquet of tulips from Afloral, but instead of leaving them in the bouquet I separated them to be used as singles or in smaller bunches. 

FLORALS ARE ACCENTS: Florals usually act as an accent in your photos. Whether you are adding a bouquet, adding a single flower, or adding a bunch of flowers for a framing affect. You want to make sure your florals are working with the theme of your photos. The great thing about faux florals is that they are easily manipulated. You can trim the stems, bend the stems, remove the stems, and in the end they will still last forever. 

QUALITY IS KEY: As I mentioned above quality is key. Investing in quality faux florals will really make a differences. Quality faux florals in photos are amazing because they fool the eye, when photographed well they look real. Quality is also key because they last. 

REMEMBER YOUR APERTURE: Okay friends let's talk camera settings. All the styled photos in this post are flatlay. One of the most important things in flatlay is getting all the items in focus. If you are used to shooting with a low aperture, like 2.8 (my favorite aperture for portraits) then not all of your items will be in focus. When shooting flatlay it's important to shoot with a higher (larger number) F-stop. All of the flatlay photos in this sequence were shot with an F-stop of 10. When your styling your photos remember to check your aperture and adjust accordingly. 

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The next great thing about faux florals is that once you are done styling them in photos you can keep them in your home all year long!... Which I absolutely love. Not only does Afloral have the most amazing faux florals, but they also have vases and lots of home accents. When I picked out florals I also picked out some really amazing vases, that I knew would be beautiful in styled stock, but would also be beautiful in our home. 

MIX YOUR FLORALS: Get creative with your florals and greenery. The vase below has pink and white ranunculus, real touch roses (these are amazing), and a few ferns. The great thing about this combination is that I can pull florals from this vase when ever I need them and then return them when I am finished. They make my photos beautiful and they make my home beautiful. 

REAL TOUCH ALL THE WAY: The real touch florals that Afloral offers are my absolutely favorite and I would highly recommend keeping them in your home and styling your photos. In the last photo you'll see the glass bottle assortment, which I think is the cutest and it is filled with all "real touch" florals." I love styling photos with these, but I also love how beautiful they look in our home. I have "real touch" peonies (pink & lavender) and tulips

I hope these tips have encouraged you in styling florals in your photos and in your home! xoxo. Samantha

Guys, Afloral sent me the most amazing faux florals, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I think that Afloral has the best faux florals, plus other amazing items, like ribbon (also pictured above), leaf placemats (pictured above), and so many other amazing items. Cheers!