Did you know that the Elah Tree Stock Collection is launching is just a few weeks!? Can you believe it? You'll be able to shop lots of beautiful styled stock where you can buy a single image to a bundle of images. This is very exciting friends! Make sure to sign up on you email list to make sure you get notified with it launches! I would also like to share that I'm just so honored to be able to this with you. One of my favorite things about business is being able to connect with other business owners and I love knowing that the work I am doing is helping others work toward their own dreams! Now let's talk the importance of photography and styled stock in your brand. 


TIME SAVING: One thing I think most small business owners understand is time and how important the time is that we have. It's takes a lot of time and hard work to run small business, whether you're a soleprenuer or you have a team, we all know that time is short and if we can, we're looking to save some. High-end styled stock is the time saver of your dreams. ;) I think something we know as small business owners is that we need to be able to work on our business verses working in our business. When you invest in styled stock, you are doing just that. You are saving time, buy curating your brand with styled stock. 

PROFESSIONAL: We live in a visual world. No matter how hard we try to like pretty pictures and we are drawn to pretty pictures. If you're struggling in your own photography and your struggling to create a brand that is professional looking then styled stock is the perfect match. It let's your audience know that you care about them and your business. It sets you apart and let's your audience know you are serious about your business. 

STORY: Without knowing it we love story, we love following brands that tell a good story and we love to be a part of stories. When a brand or business creates a story for us to be a part of we want to stick around. We want to get to know them more. Styled stock is used to fill any holes in your story, or simple create a new one.  

COHESIVE: Have you ever found yourself trying to create a cohesive brand or business story, but you are feeling all over the place? If so, don't you worry, you are not alone. I have been there too. The great thing about styled stock is that it can help create the cohesiveness for you. You don't have to stress about how the images of your brand or working together. Instead you can create a cohesive brand with styled stock. 

CONSISTENT: I think as small business owners and even has customers of other small business owners we appreciate consistency. We appreciate consistency in our businesses and we appreciate seeing consistency in the business of others. When using styled stock you can create consistency in your brand colors, your brand story, even in your the timing of your business.... remember all that time your saving. ;) 

INCREASING SALES: You remember brands that "wow," you right? You remember brands that are professional, cohesive, consistent, and bring you along in their story, right? All these things bring people to a place of trust with businesses. You have created trust with your audience and people buy from people they trust. 

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ALL THE WAYS TO USE STYLED STOCK: Blog Post Graphics, Sales Pages, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Product marketing, Your Website, Your Newsletter... and the list goes on and on. :) 

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