I made the switch to Squarespace a little over a year ago and I'm so glad I did! At the time I was focused on my blog and trying to determine what my next steps would be for the business. When I made the switch I wasn't quite sure what my offerings would be, but I knew I wanted to set myself up for growth. At that time I figured I had two options; Squarespace or Wordpress. I had heard great things about both, but I needed something I knew I could tackle myself and Squarespace allowed me to do that. 

Prior to being on Squarespace I was using Blogger. I loved blogger. It was the perfect platform for me to get started on, but I knew I was out growing it and I wanted something with more features and more support. We will all grow differently within our businesses and within our creative journey. What's most important is that we find something that works best for us. Here is why Squarespace was the right platform for me and my number one choice for business growth. 


All Squarespace plans come with fully integrated e-commerce. This was huge for me as I just launched my shop. When I started with Squarespace I wasn't sure if I would have a shop, but I'm so grateful that when I went to create my shop everything was already in place. I didn't have to add anything to my plan and I didn't have to hire a designer to create a new shop page either. I simply went to my Squarespace dashboard clicked the + icon and started creating my shop. It was so simple. Just a few clicks and I was able to add an image for each individual item that I wanted to sell. I was able to set the retail price and add a sale price too. I was able to include a description for each item, include extra info and upload the file that would be delivered after purchase. 

So many things were already set up within my Squarespace site that I didn't have to figure out myself. I loved that I could easily connect our Paypal for easy check out. I loved that email notifications were all ready set up. It was so crazy easy. 


When I first switched to Squarespace I don't think I fully understood everything that was available to me. Email lists are important when growing our businesses and Squarespace makes it so easy to integrate newsletter opt-ins on every page. You can find an opt-in form a the bottom of every page of my site. You can also find a newsletter opt-in form at the end of every blog post, on my blog sidebar, and you can even access it through my annoucement bar. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.53.29 AM.png


Another thing that is huge is how easy it is to add CSS to customize your site. I only use a bit of CSS in the design of my site, but adding CSS within my newsletter opt-in to direct people to a new page was something that was really important to me. I needed to create an experience for my audience and readers. I needed to be able to direct them to mutliple pages and special pages and CSS allowed me to do that. 

There are so many more things that Squarespace offers that I love, but I am so thankful, knowing that the business can continue to grow without switching platforms. Maybe next time I'll put together another list of my favorite features. ;) Are you a Squarespace fan? What do you love most about  it? xoxo. Samantha