Working out on a regular bases took me a long time to implement. Remember when we were all in high school and we all had gym class? Well, I was a pro at the slow jog. When I was in college, I took a walking class, haha! Who even knew there were walking classes. I took up running sporadically post-college. By running I mean, jogging and walking for about a mile... endurance has something I have really had to work on, in fitness and in business. And it wasn't until after a year into being married, that I decided to really commit to my physical health and implement a workout routine. 

If I am being completely honest, I have not always been a fan of doing hard things. A part of me probably didn't believe I was capable of doing hard things. Focusing on the easy things was far easier then fighting my way through the hard things. But, man, hard things are what the good stuff is made of. Some of the greatest things in life sometimes come with doing really hard things first. 

Once I finally started working out regularly it became a catalyst for many other things in my life. I knew if I was taking time to work on my physical health then I would also make time for my spiritual health and vise-verse. Working out and having quiet time with Jesus become two things in my life that kept me accountable to each. As I have continued in my business journey, I have find parallels with my business and working out as well.


I think most people can attest to the fact that they don't always want to workout. The  hardest part of a workout is actually getting started. A quick backstory on my workout routine... I work out 5 to 6 days a week (that's a good week) and I work out for 30 minutes. We do P90X3, so it takes out the guess work. I don't always want to workout. At least 2 out of the 5 times I work out I have to talk myself into it. Most of the time I tell myself that while I don't care to do if for myself I can do it for Jesus, for His Glory. Jesus keeps me going.

This is when I started to parallel my workouts to the business. I don't always want to do the work in my workout. It's hard. But I know I have to. I know to be physically healthy I have to take care of my body even when I don't want to. The same goes for our business. In order to create healthy businesses we have to do the work, even when we don't want to. We have to create systems and organization. We have to do marketing plans, write copy, and continue to develop or businesses... even when it's hard and even when we don't want to. 

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Oh my gracious, don't we all wish we could have instant results in our workouts, instead of months and months of work without seeing results from our hard work. Working out and physical fitness is  lifestyle change. It's about creating new habits. It will take a significant amount of work in the beginning before seeing results. But after all those months of of hard work, slowly and surely the results begin to show. And what started out incredibly hard, full of tears, and wanting to quit has turned into a habit and something wonderful.

This is so true about our business too. When we first get started it's so  hard, it feels like so much work, and for months, and months, too many months too count we don't see any results. We cry, we won't to quit. We take a break and we get back to it.  The hardest thing about building our businesses is all the hard work that we first have to put in before reaping the benefits. We have to sow a lot of seeds, before reaping any harvest. BUT, if we keep going, if we keep putting the work in, the results will come, and it will get fun, and things well turn into habits, and it will be so wonderful. 


Yes! Can I get an amen?! Working out alone, especially in the beginning is the worst. We all need accountability partners when we first get started. We need someone to be our cheerleader. We need someone to tell us they believe in us. We need someone that comes along side us and says, "yes, we're going to workout." Tyler and I almost always workout together. There were plenty of times when I did not want to workout and he encouraged me that I could do it. He was there for me when I felt tired and wanted to give up. 

The same goes for our businesses. Business is hard. We need encouragement. We need someone to say, "YES! YOU CAN DO IT!" We need friends that we can ask questions. We need friends to help us when things are hard. 


If I had to create a workout routine for myself I would not get the same results as if an expert was creating them for me. My results wouldn't be as good and they would take longer. I would get discouraged and I may want to quit. P90X3 or Tony Horton is the expert that helps me achieve healthy results. The workouts are concise, I can get my workout done in 30 minutes and I can even do it from the comfort of my living room. With an expert I felt encouraged. I felt like I could do it and when I followed the workouts I saw results too.

In business when we seek help and advice from experts that same thing happens. We're given a road map of how to build a business. Can we do it without experts, absolutely. Just like we can all go for a run, find workouts on youtube, and pickup fitness magazines. One of the main things we get with an expert, is that they are providing us with a road map that they know for sure will provide results. I just received my copy of Business Boutique. The author, Christy Wright, is an expert in business. Her book is a road map for me to do business better. 


No body wants to workout 24/7 and no one wants to work their business 24/7 either. It's all about balance. My goal is to workout 5 to 6 days a week, but sometimes I miss days, that is just life. I do my best to give myself grace. I do my best to eat healthy 6 days a week and have a cheat day once a week. I don't do that every week, but I keep trying and I keep moving forward. The same goes for our businesses. We're going to make mistakes. We'll have weeks were we don't get everything done. We'll have projects we have to push further down the line, but we're still moving forward. 

Working out and business is all about the journey. We work hard, we set goals, and we do our best to bring about the results we hope for. We simply have to keep going. We have to continue to believe in ourselves and the work that we are doing. We have to continue to do our best with the gifts and talents God had given us. How is your biz journey coming along, friend? I would love to hear about it! xoxo. Samantha