There are a lot of things that will make or break your photos. Lighting is one of those things. Good lighting can make your photo, bad lighting can break your photo. And learning how to manipulate light will change the game. We're not talking about light today though, we're talking about props. Props really start to make a difference in your photos when you are able to really style all the items so they are working together. 

So... how do we get started styling props for our photos? One why is that we first have start by collecting props. Don't let the idea of collecting props intimidate you. You don't have to go out and buy buckets of props. You probably have a variety of props already in your home that you can use to style photos. 


  1. Washi Tape
  2. Ribbon
  3. Jewelry
  4. Coffee Mugs
  5. Make-up
  6. Books
  7. Pens
  8. Pencils
  9. Paper Clips
  10. Notebooks

... Planners, Ipads, cell phones, laptops, purses, twine, baskets, paint brushes... It's pretty easy to start finding props around the house when we simple take a look around. I would say that most people can find a handful of paper clips, their favorite coffee mug, their favorite purse/bag, some washi tape, a notebook and a few cute books or a magazine. 

When styling photos and collecting props the important thing is to start where you are. Look for things around your home that you think will work together. Think of a theme or story you want to tell. A few items that would fit perfectly together could be; a set of vintage books, a mug with tea or coffee, and candle, a scarf, and some kind of dessert (think chocolate or cookies.) 

There are always a variety of ways to to style photos, make sure to keep going after your first try. I rarely stop after my first shot. I keep going, I keep pushing myself. I keep trying different things. Choose a prop that you you will focus on and use the other props to create interest in your photo. Place one prop in the middle and use the other props and create framing around the edge/outside of the frame. Get started and keep going. What are some of your favorite props to style in photos? xoxo. Samantha