With any small business I think there comes a wonderful sense of quality. Passionate individuals working hard to create products that they hope will make your life easier, or brighten your day, or bring you joy. There is such heart in small business and I think every small business owner desires to bring their customers and clients quality products and a quality experience. 


We may not think about it and we may not even know it's happening, but we appreciate and sometimes even expect a quality experience when shopping online, hoping around from one small business to another small business. These quality experiences allow our customers and clients to get know us. We tell our stories with these experiences, we set standards for our business, we create loyalty with customers, and we set the tone for our businesses reputation

A lot can be shared and a lot can experienced within our online shops and social platforms. And these are the very first places that our readers, clients, and customers experience the quality our businesses have to offer. Your social platforms, your shop, your website all provide an opportunity for you client to trust you. People rarely buy products, they buy stories and experiences from people they trust. 


So how do we create these experiences that allow our readers, clients, and customers to get to know us, trust us, and want to work and buy from us? We create a visual experience through images, text, story telling, and video... all wrapped up in our products and offerings. Think about some of  your favorite brands online. Or think about one of the most recent online purchases you made (sans Amazon.) What was it about that particular shop that made you want to purchase their product?

Just recently I purchased #powersheets from Cultivate What Matters. I love this team of women. I love what they stand for, I love how they take care of their customers, I love how they engage with their audience online. Did I purchase #powersheets because I wanted to utilize the goal setting planner? Absolutely. But I am also extremely loyal as a customer. They created an experience for me that made me love what they do and feel loved as well. 

Who came to mind for you? When we think about all of our favorite brands, they have created a quality experience for us across board: through beautiful images, wonderful story telling, and sincere community. 


This is where I believe that styled stock photography creates a world of difference for small businesses and helps them create quality experiences for their customers. Styled stock photography helps create quality experiences, let's your customers know you're professional, serious about what you are doing and sets you apart. Small business owners and solopreneurs have some of the best products around, but what we've all learned about being either of those, a small business owner or a solopreneur, is that we can't do it all, no matter how hard we try. We all need help. As a styled stock photographer I knew I wanted to help other small business owners and creative professionals fill a gab where they needed help. I wanted to help create a quality experience for everyone that was a part of their online community. 

Do you need help creating a quality experience for your readers, customers, and clients? Shop the Stock Collection  

Thinking about some of my favorite small businesses has really taught how important quality is to myself as a customer, but it also inspires me to want to do the same for you and other small biz owners. How are you creating a quality experience for your customers? How can they feel loved and cared for every time they experience your brand?  xoxo. Samantha