I was thinking about this post and I was thinking I have the potential to sound incredibly nerdy... is that what happens when you're really grateful for something. You may or may not know this about me yet, but I love running a small business that is minimalistic, and by that I appreciate keeping things simple and organized. 

One of the things that really helps me keep things simple and organized is Google drive... well, Google in general, haha. I am so happy to say that it is my #1 business hub and I'm so grateful for that. 


I don't like having a lot of stuff... in life and in business. I like keeping the platforms that I use for my business to a minimum and that is one reason why I love Google Drive. Google Drive, well Google in general, offers nearly every organizational platform I need to run my business. For example I use; Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Keep, and Hangouts. Gmail to correspond with all you lovely people. Google Calendar to keep track of important dates and to time-block my days, Google Keep to keep track of ideas, brainstorming, and to dos, Hangouts for online video calls, and Google Drive, to store documents, create documents, and send files to clients. 

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I love that with Google Drive I can work from anywhere. As long as the items I need for everyday business are in my Google Drive I can tackle work no matter where I am. Tyler and I leave this week for a short trip and I have been thinking about how grateful I am that my business will keep running and I can access everyday files any time and any where. I keep CSS for the website on Google Drive, I keep outlines to e-courses I'm working on, I can access templates and questionnaires I've created, and I can access blog related material too. 


I love the versatility of Google Drive. I can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, questionnaires, create maps, and even draw! For the most part I create documents, spreadsheets, and questionnaires, but I love that there are so many things for my to utilize for this business. It makes running a business from anywhere so much easier! 


I mentioned this above, but I love that with Google Drive I can create folders to share with clients. I can send them their service agreements, I can send them proof sheets, and I can send them final images as well. I love that I can check in with clients and customers from anywhere! 

What are some of your favorite business platforms? What helps you do business better and makes things easier? xoxo. Samantha